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Emperor 400
Emperor 400

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Model Number 280 400
Flow Rate (L/H) 1060 1500
Aquarium Size (L) <180 <300
Flow Rate (GPH) 280 400
Aquarium Size (G) <50 <80

Marineland - Emperor Power Filters


The Emperor 400 is the best hanging filter you can buy. I'm running two of them on a 185 gallon tank, stocked full, and my water is always crystal clear. I run each filter with all slots filled and rotated on a regular basis.

Contributed by Chris Rogan

I've had an Emperor 400 for 6 years now on a 40 gal freshwater fish and planted tank. It's run flawlessly, and I've never replaced a part. Filter maintenance is important though; I rinse mine off maybe once every week or two. I replace the filter cartridges less than what Marineland suggests. I liked it so much, that I got another one for a new tank. It's hard to argue with 6 years of beautiful water.

Contributed by Georgia Miller

I was running an Aquaclear Mini and a Penguin Mini in my 20 gallon African tank, but decided to make a change. I removed both the Penguin and the Aquaclear and installed the Emperor 280. So far, from what I have seen this is the best filter on the market today. I have never seen a filter with so much power. With my Penguin the issue of noise was always a problem, but that was eliminated after installing the Emperor. I also found that the three stage filtration system runs great. I like the fact that I have the freedom of being able to customize my filter media. So far everything seems wonderful and I would recommend this filter to anyone. Keep in mind that this filter costs a little bit more than the average filter, but its performance will prove to be well worth the money spent!

Contributed by Allen Granado

The Emperor series is a very good design and I am very happy with my 400. The Emperor has it all in one nice tidy and sharp looking package, you have floss, you have media options with the media containers and the Bio-Wheel is an excellent feature plus the flow is adjustable. Best bang for the buck!

Contributed by Lee M. Wirthwein

I wanted to add a comment on how to make the most out of the Emperor 400 and 280. Besides the carbon filter, I am running CellPore filters made especially for the extra media slot of these filters. They are great and the bio surface area is unbeleiveably huge. It almost appears to be a coarse sponge material. If anyone is having trouble keeping their tanks cycled or want to increase the bio load, this is an option.

Contributed by Randy Burchfield

This filter is an excellent power filter and even beats a few canister filters with its flow rate, compact size and BIO-wheels. Just change the media/cartridges monthly and you'll get crystal-clear water for the rest of that tank's life! (I have a 400 model on my 46-gal goldfish tank, with a Penguin 660R sponge prefilter).

Contributed by Joe Choi

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