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Emperor 280

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Model Number 280 400
Flow Rate (L/H) 1060 1500
Aquarium Size (L) <180 <300
Flow Rate (GPH) 280 400
Aquarium Size (G) <50 <80

Marineland - Emperor Power Filters


The Emperor is by far one of the best filters for home use. I have only had mine for a year and it works great. I would recommend this brand to anyone. Not only does it have great chemical and mechanical filtration, but it has a semi-wet/dry biological source called the "Bio-Wheel."

Contributed by (no name given)

I have only had my Emperor for 8 months, but it's probably one of the best filters I've tried. It is so simple and easy to maintain, I just rinse the spraybars and intake tube and change the filter cartridges when the indicator tells me. The bio-wheels are great, they get darker as the bacteria establishes. I would highly recommend this filter to anyone with 'big tanks'.

Contributed by Helena

The best overall filter due to combining almost every type of filter. Easy to clean, great ammonia control, along with Marineland's Diamond Blend for the media containers. Even gives you some options such as running media containers or more filter cartridges which is good for aquariums with high ammonia.

Contributed by Daniel

I have an emperor 400 on my 125 gallon community aquarium. I've used this filter for two years now and have had no problems. I also have an emperor 280 which I used on a 30 gallon aquarium. Both are great filters and I highly recommend them both.

Contributed by Margery Rossi

I have an Emperor 400 on my 55 gallon tank and let me say this, I have had it for 4 years and I had to replace the impeller once. I love it, I can overpopulate the tank and the fish still thrive, no ammonia in the tank whatsoever. When I get a 760 liter tank (not so distant future) I will be sure and buy another one :)

Contributed by Todd Ferguson

I purchased a Marineland Emperor Power Filter about 11 years ago when they first came out in the U.S. It's now sold as the model 400 along with the 280. Anyway, I am still running it to this day! The only things I had to replace were the bio-wheel bearings (which I lost during a move) and a spray-bar that I cracked during a reckless cleaning! That's it! In my over 30 years of fish-keeping, it's the best filter I have used. I notice a lot of people, especially Aquaclear owners, pooh-pooh the bio-wheels in preference of a block of foam! These bio-wheels are based on what are known as RBC's (Rotating Biological Contactors) in the professional aquaculture field and are used in labs and in a lot of public aquariums. They offer a lot more surface area and are more efficient than a submerged sponge. They also remain in contact with the air, providing a better enviroment for beneficial aerobic bacteria. People may also complain about the cost of replacement cartridges. One hint I can offer is that when a cartridge is dirty, cut away the blue floss from the black plastic frame with a razor, being careful not to damage the frame. Throw out the floss and carbon and use the frame to hold up a sheet of filter pad in the slots that has been cut slightly larger than the frame. You can use Marineland Rite-Size filter padding for this or go one better and get Coralife's Filter Matting that comes in various size sheets and densities (like 50 micron and 100 micron). Then you can just rinse and re-use the pads, even going as far as putting the Coralife sheets in the washing machine (no detergents please...maybe some baking soda or just a little bleach). Then just use the media baskets for the carbon or other media. So simple and economical. These filters are worth every penny. The only downside is the noise they make when you lower the flow-rate (I use them wide open anyways). I now use Emperors on all my tanks exclusively!

Contributed by Ed Komst

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