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Eheim Professional Series Eheim Wet/Dry Series

Model Number 2222 2224 2226 2228 2227 2229
Aquarium Size (L) <150 <250 <350 <600 <350 <600
Aquarium Size (G) <40 <66 <90 <160 <90 <160

Eheim - Professional Canister Filters


I have added an Eheim 2229 wet/dry filter to my 640 L tank and it has been running for just over 6 weeks now. It is a fantastic filter. Had a few issues with the canister filling up again, which was due to the pre-filter foam being soiled. That has now been removed as the filter is mature. It runs alongside a Rena XP3, and keeps my water crystal clear. There are 31 fish in total in the tank including 3 Plecos and 2 large Tinfoil Barbs. The water quality is fantastic and the biological filtration that it provides for this level of stock is good. The only thing I feel is that it needs to be run in conjuction with a mechanical filter. Other than that it is good. People say they are expensive, but shopping around on the net proved vital. Priming is straightforward and cleaning every 4 to 6 months. The media can be expensive, but with the need to change one of the 3 baskets at these intervals it works out well. Highly recommended.

Contributed by Ross Grant

I own an Ehiem 2226 and I am very pleased. It is extreamly quiet, easy to remove/replace media and conserves a lot of power. I rinse the coarse filter pad once a month and change it every three months. I change the fine filter media every month along with rinsing out the canister and EFMech. Very easy step by step. The only things that I don't really like is the priming process (have to use your mouth here) and the main seal leaks when you open the inlet valve all the way. Maybe there's a way to fix it, but I'm not sure. Also, the Pro II series has a new priming button - I would buy that model if I could do it again. I also recommend a bio-wheel running in conjuction. With those two I believe you'll have a bullet proof filtration system for any average sized tank.

Contributed by Angel Higuera

I had an Eheim professional wet and dry filter on a 240 litre tank for a year or two and I would never buy one again. There were two problems: after a couple of months of perfect use, the wet/dry operation kept failing and the filter would revert to wet only. I would end up dismantling the filter, cleaning all the parts to get it going again, only to have it fail a few days or a couple of weeks later. Secondly, it leaked. The pipework for the wet/dry aspect made use of an o-ring seal that didn't seem to be tight enough with the plastic fittings which wore over time and the filter leaked on more than one occasion. Personally I would stick to the normal professional Eheim filters or go for a different make (why don't they provide a priming feature?).

Contributed by Karl Pickering

I have had a 2026 Pro II series for the last 5 years. For the most part my experience has been good, low maintenance, nice primer pump and the ability to disconnect and move the filter without a mess or hassle are all great features. The main difference between a BMW and an Eheim is that you can more easily find parts for the BMW. The pump is expensive and the parts are expensive as well. You can find the parts on line, however Eheim's own NA website can't locate a dealer for you. Sure it's a nice pump, but think twice before you plunk down BMW prices for this one.

Contributed by John Ciba

I have the wet/dry canister filter, either the 2227 or 2229. It's been operating so long I can't remember, but it's the one without the heater. In reference to other's comments about the cost, nothing in this hobby is cheap...apples to apples, do you want a fish that cost $100.00 to die because you went cheap on the filter? IMO if you choose to keep living creatures captive you owe them the best possible environment in which to live, and this filter provides that. My nemos are 5-1/2 years old, my water is perfect, and I am totally happy with this filter. I'm actually trying to find an Eheim for my koi pond!

Contributed by Judy

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