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Eheim Professional II Series Eheim Professional II Thermofilter Series

Model Number 2026 2028 2126 2128
Aquarium Size (L) <400 <600 <400 <600
Aquarium Size (G) <100 <160 <100 <160

Eheim - Professional II Canister Filters


I have been operating two 2128's for six years and one 2028 for the past four years and love how simple the systems work. Little maintenance for all three filters. I chose to run all three filters on a 225 US gallon tank to well filter the tank. The only problem I have is my 2028 has difficulty priming. I love them!

Contributed by Ron Ho

I've been using the Eheim Pro II 2028 for five years on my 270 L plant tank. I'll give it four out of five stars.

* Great physical biological filtration (I don't do carbon)
* Goes 90 days between cleanings
* Low cost (one floss pad per cleaning)
* Quiet
* I inject CO2 into the intake, so I don't need a separate CO2 diffuser
* Great interlock mechanism to prevent leaks when cleaning filter

* The rubber rings in each basket wear out every 2-3 years. There is no reason for this, it is a design flaw.
* The plastic clamps on the outside break or come apart every 2-3 years. Also a design flaw.
* The priming pump quit working after 6 months.

To me, the cons are an annoyance, but the filter is so well engineered otherwise, it is surprising that these issues exist at all. The filter works great, so 4 stars. Warning: Do not let it get too dirty. I let it go 5+ months once and the impeller broke ($25). This was a user error, not a design flaw.

Contributed by Dave Millman

I've had the Eheim 2026 running for over a year now and I am really pleased. At first I struggled with priming of the pump but I figured out if you fill the unit to the top with aquarium water it primes almost instantly without having to use the pump. I also found a supplier that sells filter floss at a really good bargain, costs me next to nothing for an entire role. I just kept the original pad and use it as a template to cut out new pads with a pair of scissors. I also can’t get over how silent this thing is, and how efficiently it cleans the water. I added a small bag of activated carbon to help crystallize the water in my 75 gal and the tank looks amazing. You shouldn’t have any problems whatsoever if you follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance, and the extra money you spend on this product will guarantee its money's worth and then some. Best aquarium product I’ve ever bought!

Contributed by Eric Dodds

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