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Ecco 2233

Model Number 2231 2232 2233 2234 2235 2236
Aquarium Size (L) <130 <130 <225 <225 <300 <300
Aquarium Size (G) <35 <35 <60 <60 <80 <80

Eheim - Ecco Canister Filters


I'm running an Ecco 2232 on my 60 L tank. Really nice in terms of maintenance and ease of use. Self priming, easy to clean, and good looks! The flow rate has been somewhat mediocre but I do have a CO2 reactor and inline heater, so those two are the most likely culprits. It's noisy compared to the Pro and Pro II series, but nevertheless quiet in its own right. I HIGHLY recommend this filter.

Contributed by Neil Arellano

I recently installed an Eheim Ecco 2236 (rated for aquariums up to 80 gallons) on a 55 gallon aquarium that's situated in the Media Center of the school where I work. I replaced a Whisper Power Filter that was failing. The Ecco cleared the water within days, and it's really silent, too. It's been a month now, and it's running well. I've noticed an improvement with my green algae problem. After 2 weeks, I removed the carbon filter pad, and now according to the directions, I shouldn't have to crack it open for 3-6 months, depending on the water flow. So far, I'm really pleased. I had to clean the filter pads in the Whisper at least once a week just to get more than a week out of the pads. Even after cleaning the entire filter, I still had bypass problems. After the initial setup, which I had a few problems with because I followed the instructions a little too religiously, I've not had to mess with the filter at all. I've been getting compliments on how nice the aquarium is looking. The Ecco certainly cost more than buying another Whisper, but the time I'm saving, the water quality, and the fact I don't have to buy tons of filter pads, certainly made this a great decision so far. The water flow isn't too much for the fish, which I was initially worried about because I went with the bigger model.

Contributed by Karma

On October 7, 2008, I bought an Eheim Ecco 80-gallon filter for my tank at the public school where I teach. I paid $139.99 and $12.18 tax for a total of $152.17. I was impressed by the design, which seemed to make more sense that the type of filter that hangs off the side of the tank, and since it was a premier German brand, I thought it was a good risk. I have now had it for less than 8 months.

After about 3 months of use, I noted that the filter flow was considerably reduced. According to the directions, I broke down the filter and cleaned all the levels and the impeller well. It was not that dirty: I only have three fish in one 80 gallon tank, so there wasn’t a lot of debris. Yet the Eheim Ecco had reduced its flow to less than 1/10 of what it was originally.

I was advised by my place of purchase to clean it out again. Each time I clean it out – even though it isn’t dirty: there’s barely any crud at all that has been filtered, especially lately when it has been moving about a teaspoon of water every couple seconds – the performance picks up a tiny bit, and then quickly returns to its long slow decline. I’d say at this rate, it would completely stop in another month if I left it connected. But the fish are gasping at the surface, the mechanism clearly is not performing to its vaunted capacity, so I am replacing it with an old-style Penguin.

According to my paperwork, this Ecco should be guaranteed for 36 months. They totally ignored my Emails to the North American and German websites, and then ignored my letters to the same places. Obviously, they do not intend to live up to their guarantee, so I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau as my next step.

Contributed by Nancy Runyan

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