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Ecco 2233

Model Number 2231 2232 2233 2234 2235 2236
Aquarium Size (L) <130 <130 <225 <225 <300 <300
Aquarium Size (G) <35 <35 <60 <60 <80 <80

Eheim - Ecco Canister Filters


Cute little filters, pretty efficient, need more frequent cleaning than most of the rest of the Eheim line, but very user friendly and extremely easy to clean so really not that big a deal. The individual trays are a nice touch and the self priming head is a real bonus. Not quite as quiet as the rest of the line but very quiet nonetheless. The classic Eheim series are, without a doubt, the most efficient filters on the market but the ECCOs are very very good as well. These filters are the best combination of ease of use and efficiency that I have found.

Contributed by Ted Hannaford

I have recently purchased a 2233 for my 100 liter tank. It seems to do the job pretty well with the three media baskets. It is situated in my bedroom and I do notice a slight buzz off it during the night. The only problem is the circulation rate, I bought this filter instead of the 2231 thinking it would create quite a current in my tank, but it doesn't. I hate to think what the 2231 churns out. With this filter you will need another source to circulate the water. I have my Tetra-Tec 600 internal filter sideways without the media which is acting as a powerhead. Because without this there was very little circulation in the water.

Contributed by Barry Hudson

The Ecco 2231 is a very nice little pump, but I had to return the first model I got, due to excessive noise from it. The next one was a little quieter, but not as quiet as the other Eheim 1048 model I have. Anyway it's small size (height) is why I got it in the first place, and it fits nicely in the cabinet under the aquarium I bought it for. And in that place and on some sponge pieces, it's practically noiseless.

Contributed by Peter S.

I've had my 2231 for about 6 months and it was a great purchase indeed. You can hear a slight buzz when running, but barely noticable. The self-prime feature and the hefty little trays are nice commodities and useful too. The circulation rate is OK, but I really don't complain about it too much. It really doesn't pump out a lot, but it absolutely gets the job done.

Contributed by Theus A.

I have the Ecco 2233 and added an Eheim output bar rather than simply using the open ended output they include with the filter. This adds a ton of surface tension and have actually had several smaller fish seem to have trouble in the currents it creates. I have added a tray of biological media to the canister and this seems to be helpful.

Contributed by Denise Z.

I have a 2233 and it works very well. Very easy to clean and maintain. One thing is that it does make a little hum, but it's in my living room so I don't really notice that much. Very easy to set up.

Contributed by a visitor

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