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Eheim Classic Series

Model Number 2211 2213 2215 2217 2250 2260
Aquarium Size (L) <100 <200 <300 <600 <1000 <1500
Aquarium Size (G) <30 <55 <75 <160 <265 <400

Eheim - Classic Canister Filters


Buy a Marineland Magnum 350 Deluxe. I have had 2 Eheim filters in 10 years and they are a pain to load and clean. I like the wet/dry though, still love that puppy. So mixed emotions here.

Contributed by visitor

Gods gift of cannister filtration. I took a hiatus from the hobby for a decade and have recently returned. Twenty yesrs ago I had an Eheim 2213 which I used for a few years, and loved. I recently made a mistake of purchasing 2 Cascade 1500 cannister filters for my new tank, thinking they are a newer design, and had nice features like easy priming. Well it was the wrong purchase decision (see my review of the Cascade 1500 cannister). My 2 new 2217 filters arrived today, and I am estatic. What a great filter. No bypass around the media, Eheim quality and reliability, silent pumps and motors. The filters even came with all the media including bio media, and 2 quick disconnects making maintenance and priming simple. To prime, simply disconnect the output quick disconnect, and suck on the end of the hose with the input side valve closed. When you have built up a strong vacuum in the cannister open the input valve, and the cannister will rapidly fill with water in about 10 seconds. Connect the output side quick disconnect and plug in the pump. It's that simple. I have never had a clip pop open, and I have never had a drop of water leak out. I don't understand what a reviewer above stated about cannisters having almost no bio filtration. My ammonia is 0, and my nitrites 0, and the cannisters are the only filters I'm running. You don't have to buy Eheim brand filter replacment pads, any filter floss will work since there are no media trays. If you want a cannister look no further. It doesn't get any better than the Eheim Classic.

Contributed by Visitor

A couple of contributers have mentioned the pain in priming a cannister filter - if you read the directions on the 2215/17 it explicitly tells you how to get a perfect prime every time - do NOT have ANY water in the cannister, and clear the outlet (spray bar) line. This gives a clear path for the water to push the air out. If there is already water in the cannister or outlet line, you create an air lock that it has to try to push out (sometimes it will, but sometimes it won't). A previous poster refers to Eheim's "German engineering" - it is actually Dutch. For those interested in flow rates, I tested my Eheim 2215 straight out of the box with the full bio/mechanical media and pads and got 8.8 litres in 75 seconds - this works out to 420 L/H (111 US GPH), 68% of their claimed 620 L/H (164 US GPH), but that is probably just the pump rating without any media.

Contributed by Jai Reid

I have been running an Eheim 2215 on a 280 L tank. My Eheim was running fine for almost the first year, and then suddenly the flow rate dropped drastically and it wasn't cleaning the water (not a good thing when the tank is full of cichlids!). I have cleaned everything as instructed. I've assembled and disassembled everything many times with no success. When the Eheim is working it works fabulously, but when it's not cleaning the water properly it's quite the nightmare and Eheim doesn't seem to include an extensive troubleshooting guide with its product. As it stands, I would not recommend this product. I'll see how they honor their warrantee.

Contributed by Nik

I've got an Eheim 2213 classic for about 6 months now and I can't fault it. It's really quiet. The flow rate is superb. It's so easy to clean and start up again, the two taps stop any leakage and hassle. It's so good I'm getting a bigger tank and I will be buying another 2213 to run with my current one. I had a Fluval canister before and it was noisy, a nightmare to prime and horrible to clean, the complete opposite of the Eheim.

Contributed by Simon White

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