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Marineland Eclipse Aquarium Lighting and Filtration Systems

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Marineland Eclipse Aquarium Lighting and Filtration Systems Marineland Eclipse Aquarium Lighting and Filtration Systems
Aquarium hood with lighting and filtration system
using patented Bio-Wheel technology.

Eclipse 1
10" x 20", 150 gph (570 L/h).

Eclipse 2
12" x 24", 200 gph (760 L/h).

Eclipse 3
12.5" x 30", 250 gph (950 L/h).

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Marineland - Eclipse Aquarium Lighting and Filtration Systems


My Betta lives in the smallest size Eclipse offers, I believe it is about 12 liters, and I think it is a great little tank. I like the fact that it is all contained under the hood, I'd been having problems with my cat going fishing in his open bowl, and the filtration system is very nice. The only qualm I have is that the lid is very difficult to open! It has a little hinged lid that allows access to the filter media, which is quite convenient, but to get the lid open I have to get my fingernails under it just takes forever!

Contributed by Liszie F.

I have had my Eclipse 3 gallon for 2 years now on my desk at work. It has been a very easy system to care for. I have 5 black neons and 2 corys in it. I think the key to my success is that I regularly change 1-2 liters of water per week to keep nitrate levels down. I also change the filter cartridge every 4 weeks. I have yet to loose a single fish in this tank. Great job Marineland!

Contributed by Jason K

I've used an Eclipse 1 hood for one year on a 15 gallon high tank. It has only one 18" light so the tank receives only 1 Watt/gallon at best. That said, I have a lush, fully planted tank with a pretty high fish load of Rasbora's, Peacock Gudgeons and others. Plants include Crypts, Java ferns and Anubias. All are actively growing and the Anubias flower. I think that this is the simplest and easiest to run low tech planted system. I like it so much that I'm going to set up another Eclipse planted tank.

Contributed by Ben

I purchased a Marineland Eclipse 37G tank/hood about a year ago. It's been fairly easy to use, and the filter changes are a snap. However, I honestly don't like the tank because it has an awkward footprint which seriously limits the amount of fish you can put in the tank. Also it has a mirrored background which makes it very difficult to take pictures. The filter design is strange too as water is poured over the filter rather than actually through it. I do regular testing and the water quality is excellent when I've been staying on top of water changes, which indicates that it works, I suppose. The lighting that comes with the hood is too poor to sustain plant life. If I had it to do over again, I would have gotten a 40G breeder and purchased my own hood, lights, and filter separately. I give it a C-.

Contributed by Matt

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