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Marineland Eclipse Aquarium Lighting and Filtration Systems Marineland Eclipse Aquarium Lighting and Filtration Systems
Aquarium hood with lighting and filtration system
using patented Bio-Wheel technology.

Eclipse 1
10" x 20", 150 gph (570 L/h).

Eclipse 2
12" x 24", 200 gph (760 L/h).

Eclipse 3
12.5" x 30", 250 gph (950 L/h).

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Marineland - Eclipse Aquarium Lighting and Filtration Systems


I have used the 37 gallon Eclipse system since 1998. I now have three of them. First, the pluses - filter change is a breeze (presoak the filter so there are no floating problems). Another plus: no charcoal to load and unload as it is included in the filter pad. The bio-wheel works great for wet/dry biological filtration. With large fish loads I have never had ammonia or nitrite levels worthy of major concern.

The downside - the filters are pricey, if you have a big fish load you may need to change them more often than once a month due to them becomming clogged with detritus. You may find Regent brand filters that fit, but are a little short, for less. They seem to do the job just as well and are less expensive. You may rig your own with filter floss and charcoal, but this is a tough situation as the gph is high and any clogs will result in water overflow down the back of the aquarium. When the filter media gets clogged, the system may overflow. When it does, this overflows out the back of the aquarium, so where the water is coming from may be a mystery for a bit. The biofiltration works so well, nitrate buildup is pretty rapid. That is the trouble with my tanks. Water changes to cut down nitrate levels are my bane.

Adding anything else to the filtration system is very tricky, as the normal water level is only a fraction of an inch from overflowing. Dropping a small bag of something in the filtration section risks an overflow. No additional biofiltration is needed, so the only thing you might want to temporarily add would be water chemistry modification materials.

Lastly, I am almost six feet tall. Given that, accessing the 37 gallon on its normal stand is a complete pain. If I had two elbows per arm, okay, but lacking them, catching fishes or just seeing what I am doing inside the tank while doing it proves difficult. Make sure you have an adequate hose length for the siphon for the same reasons, and to avoid splashing if you are a bucket brigade person. To install or move plants and ornamentation, I advise buying a set of long plastic tongs. They are a big aid for a few bucks and have held up well under repeated use. All this does not apply to the easily accessed smaller Eclipse units.

Contributed by David Deaton

I have 2 of the Marineland Eclipse II filter hoods and am very happy with them after several different setups and several years of use. They are basically the same as (and as good a filtration as) their Penguin 200 system: coarse mesh mechanical, bio wheel and high grade charcoal in their combination cartridge. I usually keep 2 inches of fish per gallon in my 25G's, including plants and discus. Maintenance is a weekly wash out of the filter screen in the sink (2 minutes) and 25% water change.

The downside is that the top must be removed for access to the tank for fish retrieval, water change or plant maintenance. I drilled a small hole in the housing behind the wheel to let the system filter drain and solved most of the headache. I remain impressed by Marineland’s product.

The upside is that all filter mechanics of the system become invisible when operating allowing me to project my 25G tank into my living room giving 3 sided access for view. Spectacular upgrade from my older “against the wall” systems. I have more tank to view from my 25G than I did from my 55G. But the larger tank was easier to service.

The Eclipse systems have been bulletproof for 4 years. I have never had water leak out of them. Water flow is high and effective. Lighting is insufficient for planted tanks at 1 WPG, but I supplemented it with 4x13 W screw in fluorescent bulbs in the middle space. The fitted top precludes the addition of hang on anything, but I intend to use a Fluval 3+ internal filter for polishing. Haven't figured out a fish feeder yet, but I will.

Contributed by Dan Kehoe

I have an Eclipse 3 on a 150 liter, the filters are a snap to change. If you purchase the bulk online they run 9 for US$14.95. When they get dirty, usually, I rinse them off and use them again. This system really cycles the water - 250 gph on the series 3. The water is always clear, and nitrates/nitrites are never present. I would recommend them to anyone. The light bulbs are a snap to change too! Sea Clear makes a variety of tanks that are compatible with these filter hoods.

Contributed by Brad Bales

After having a 55 gallon saltwater fishtank for about 2 years, I have purchased a 37 gallon Eclipse system. I had a 55 gallon but I hated how ugly it looked, no matter what I did, all you could see is the filter, powerhead and all the other tank needs (very very loud). I set up my new tank and its great! So simple to change filters, and I have a lot less power cords than I used to. I also have noticed a drastic change in my energy bill, saving me about $7.00 a month. It might not seem like a lot, but it adds up now that I don't need a skimmer, a power head, big power compact lighting, a sump, all that I don't need. I highly recommend this unit to anyone who wants to have a simple salt or freshwater setup.

Contributed by Don Garrett

I purchased the small corner Eclipse when my youngest wanted to have fish, after trying another type of small tank that dirtied up in 36 hours. We have had NO problems at all and have used this tank several different times to separate fish until new tanks can be cycled when there have been problems. It has always stayed in pristine condition with the water...clean up is a snap. I liked it so well, when hubby offered to buy me another tank for my birthday I went with the Eclipse 29, because I know keeping my water clean will be a breeze...and he'd offered to buy a 40 gallon breeder and all necessary filtration needs because it would fit on my existing stand! As for the filters getting costly....I would rather pay a little more and work less to enjoy my fish! I only change the pad in the 5.5 Eclipse about every 6 weeks, just rinse it when I do a water change about every 10 days. When my oldest wanted fish at a young age, we went with the standard 10 gal and UGF...what a pain for me....I am thrilled to keep my kids happy and my life easier!

Contributed by Kim

Marineland is selling a marine/reef setup which is the same as the other tanks, except with some accessories. If using it for a reef tank, the lighting is extremely poor and there isn't much you can tamper with to retrofit the system. Hardly any equipment can fit into the system because of the poorly engineered hood/canopy. If you want a powerful protien skimmer or anything else, you are not able to attach it. Buying this aquarium was one of the worst choices I ever made.

Contributed by John Thompson

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