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Duetto Internal Filters

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Duetto Mini Internal Filter
150 Liters per Hour (40 gph)

Duetto 50 Internal Filter
250 Liters per Hour (66 gph)

Duetto 100 Internal Filter
350 Liters per Hour (92 gph)

Aquarium Systems - Duetto Internal Filters


I own the 100 and 50 duetto internal filters in a 50 gallon and 20 gallon. I use these filters mostly as a reactor for a pressurized CO2 system. The 20 gallon has the duetto 100 as the only filter and it is on only 12 hours in the day. I have noticed the pre-filter sponge gets dirty quite quickly so you need to clean the filter about once every two weeks at least. I'm not sure about the actual flow rate, but the output is well distributed making for nice and calm waters in the aquarium. The filter has a very easy adjustable flow rate and is perfect when coupled with an air intake. I recommend this product because of easy of use and versatility.

Contributed by Pawel Fraczek

I have both the 100 and 50 and I'd have to say that the 50 isn't very good for anything above a ten gallon. The 100 on the other hand, is a lot better even though it needs a lot of regular cleaning. I use the 50 for a 10 gallon tank with baby turtles and I use the 100 for a 15 gallon of goldfish.

Contributed by Barry Lee

Filtration is fair, but it provides great circulation for the tank. I use it in conjunction with a small power filter on a 40 L fry tank and it is doing the job well. I have the tank way overstocked and it is actually remaining balanced. Overall I would say it is a great secondary filter. I would not use it by itself.

Contributed by Andy Britt

I have the small ones for my kids' 26 L tank. I hate them. It takes less than a week for it to clog and then it makes no water movement at all. I end up taking it apart and cleaning it once a week and if I don't, it does not move water at all.

Contributed by Darth Baiter

Great filter...although more of a mechanical filter than chemical or bio. I use it mainly as a CO2 reactor. The 2 chambers along with the blue sponge really do a good job of CO2 absorption.

Contributed by a visitor

I have two 50's and two 100's and at first I thought they were awesome. Then I had to clean them every week because of how quickly they clog up. Overall they work great as a secondary filter, and I have used all of them on various tanks that had new power filters that hadn't been cycled yet. As a secondary, great. But don't rely on it too much.

Contributed by Clinton Dotson

I just got this a couple of months ago. Great unit, didn't need long to cycle it in the tank. I agree with the comments about cleaning it often. I guess it is that good about filtering. I would worry if a filter didn't get dirty. I love the silent operation as well as the fact my water doesn't evaporate as much as before.

Contributed by Joey

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