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Cascade 300

Cascade 80 Power Filter
300 Liters per Hour (80 gph)

Cascade 100 Power Filter
380 Liters per Hour (100 gph)

Cascade 150 Power Filter
570 Liters per Hour (150 gph)

Cascade 200 Power Filter
700 Liters per Hour (185 gph)

Cascade 300 Power Filter
1140 Liters per Hour (300 gph)

Penn Plax - Cascade Power Filters


I have a couple Cascade 100's and a 300 and just ordered the canister filter. I love them - easy to clean, easy to use. As for the sponges and replacemens parts, I just ask the store I bought the filter from and they have been more than willing to order whatever I needed. And now carry Pen Plax Cascades with their fish supplies. I brag about the Cascades to everyone.

Contributed by Wendy L. Porter

The knob to adjust flow control broke after 4 months on my Cascade 100. I makeshiftedly fixed it with a rubber cork, but I had to buy a little back-up filter in case the Cascade finally kicked the bucket. I'm not especially impressed.

Contributed by Claire Chalmers

Our 10 gallon tank came with a Cascade 80 filter. It does a terrific job at clearing the water and the flow is adjustable. However, the 80, unlike the rest of the Cascade line, does not have the biofalls attachment at this time. Every time the filter cartridge is changed, all biological filtration in the filter is removed. I switched to a filter with a medium for biological filtration and my tank is doing much better. If Penn Plax ever decides to add the biofalls to the 80, it will be a great small tank filter.

Contributed by Debra Porter

I purchased the 150 model before I knew any better. It does a decent job, although I have had problems with the cartridge not lasting as long as they say it does and have found myself replacing it every two weeks to keep the flow up. The Penguin 200 is a better choice I think, and worth the extra few dollars.

Contributed by Clinton Dotson

I'm really not happy with this filter at all. First one I got just slightly bumped on the edge of kitchen sink when I went to clean it for the first time, taking out a whole piece of plastic. I got another only to have this filter begin leaking out the motor within two weeks. I like the adjustable flow rate, the fact you can use a sponge filter and bio-max and not have to buy their filter pads, but it does no good if the filter has water pouring out the motor. This filter needs to go back to the drawing board.

Contributed by Carol

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