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Cascade 1500

Model Number 500 700 1000 1200 1500
Circulation (L/H) <500 <700 <1000 <1200 <1500
Circulation (GPH) <130 <185 <270 <315 <400

Penn Plax - Cascade Canister Filters


I have a cascade 1000 and I think it is one of the best filter for the price you pay. I have had no problem except for the propeller getting jammed, but that was my fault. It is fairly easy to maintain and, for me, very quiet. My protein skimmer is always the loud filter. Finding filter media can be somewhat of a challenge, but when you do find it you will find it is much cheaper than the other popular more expensive brands. I would recommend this filter for those just starting out.

Contributed by Frank Lapoint

I bought a cascade canister filter 1000 and there are some good points and some bad points. First of all it is very quiet and has huge baskets for tons of media holding. I also like that it comes with a spray bar AND flow director for your choice of output. I like it performance-wise, but there are some bad points. Maintenance is tough, it is very over-priced, and mine leaked out about 100 liters of water on to my floor one night. This lead to mold, floor board damage, and a new carpet. I called the service number and they were very nice and replaced my filter, but I spent 25 times the amount of money fixing my living room up.

Contributed by Alex S.

I am very pleased with the 1500 series canister filter. It took me a while to decide to go with this brand but I am glad I did. I have a 125 gallon long with an Emperor 400 and Emperor 280 on it, and it just never seemed to be quite enough. The water stayed too cloudy after feedings and water changes. Now, with the 1500, it was CRYSTAL clear within the first hour. It is so quiet I wasn't sure it was even working at first. The prime button is a big plus also. For me it was a stretch to fork out that much money once again into this never ending hobby, but I couldn't be happier with my purchase.

Contributed by Scott

I have had the Cascade for 5 months and it has been the best filter that I have ever had. It keeps my water crystal clear and it is so easy to use. From the easy-to-lift handles on the media trays to the self-priming, I would say buy it. It might cost a little, but it is very worth it. Well done Penn-Plax in making the cascade a well built external filter!

Contributed by Robert Wehn

I have a 450 L cichlid tank, I run both a Cascade 700 and 1000 filters, and they work great. I have never had any problems. I also have a couple of friends that are running the 700's and have not had any problems. They are very quiet, a little tricky to clean. I put mine in a shallow tote to catch any draining water. I am buying another 1000 and selling the 700 to another friend. I have bought them at great prices. So, all in all I can not complain.

Contributed by Don N

I've had the Cascade External Filter 500 for a 30G freshwater tank for 2 years now and I love it. Although changing the filter is a drag sometimes, having to unplug it and take the whole thing to the kitchen aahh, but that's the way I do it. I'm sure some have found an easier way to change the carbon and filter on these things. I upgraded the tank to a 55G four months ago, and I didn't think the filter was going to be strong enough for such a big tank. So what I did was put an underwater gravel filter and ran the pipe that sucks up the water all the way down under the gravel filter. I do regular water changes (30%) using a gravel vacuum. My water is crystal clear. All my fish are healthy and happy and that makes me happy. So I'd have to say I really like this filter. I recommend it.

Contributed by Idy

Well, I've had two tanks with these for about two years; one is with a large convict cichlid and a pleco in a 20G, and the other is with four African cichlids and a pleco in 29G. I also use a powerhead with an analogous cylindrical filter cartridge, filled with filter floss, constantly in each tank (these cylindrical filters are often used as polishing filters by many). I think the Cascade canisters are very good; waste and dirt (always a considerable amount) stay in the canisters and media. I certainly prefer the 700's to power filters; I wish I had started with the 700's earlier. Recently, due to some family health concerns, I've not been able to clean these on a good regular schedule for some time: The fish have survived, nevertheless. As mentioned previously by another user, my Cascades are extremely quiet: I sometimes have to touch them to make sure they're operating.

Contributed by Geoffrey Morrison

I recently purchased a Cascade 700 for my 30 gallon convict tank and I am very pleased with the ease of set up, flow controls, quietness and how crystal clear my tank is. I have been using hang on filters and heard that canister filters are the way to go, and they are. I would definitely recommend the Cascade Canister filter.

Contributed by Willie R

Great canister filter for the money. The people who have a problem with this filter may not know how to use it. It is very quiet. It has a primer pump and has operated efficiently and quietly for me. It has 45 separate filter baskets which you can use as needed. I am extremely pleased with the performance. If you know what you are doing, this filter will fill your needs.

Contributed by Jeff Elliott

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