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Cascade 1500

Model Number 500 700 1000 1200 1500
Circulation (L/H) <500 <700 <1000 <1200 <1500
Circulation (GPH) <130 <185 <270 <315 <400

Penn Plax - Cascade Canister Filters


A friend gave me a cascade 1500 canister filter as a gift. The unit is quiet, easy to prime and has a lot of presure, but it does not clean the aquarium at all. It has a lot of by pass, the water never got clear. It takes an act of god to find media and parts for this filter. I will not recommend this product to anyone. It's so bad I told my friend that it stop working and I put it in the trash. In other words, don't waste your money in this product. Get an Eheim or a Rena XP3.

Contributed by Porthos Labault

I have a 200 L Cichlid setup for which that I recently purchased the Cascade 1000, and I am extremely impressed with its performance. This filter system has plenty of room for lots of carbon, plenty of floss, as well as 60 pieces of Bio-Max, and Ammonia and Nitrite remover. All a person needs for a healthy and clean aquarium. Highly recommended!

Contributed by Chris B

I purchased the model 1500. In my opinion this filter is not worth buying. The filter is loud. When the filter is running it sounds like there are marbles in the impeller chamber. Anyone who hasnít owned an Eheim would think itís quiet. I have 2 1500ís and this is the situation with both. The Eheim classic I owned previous was silent. The media baskets in the cascade canisters donít allow complete utilization of the canister volume. Lots of wasted space in the canister. The cascade design allows for bypass around the media. The Eheim classic design does not allow for any bypass. On the plus side, priming is simple with the priming button. Quick disconnects, and on/off valves allow the hoses to be easily disconnected and left on the tank when servicing the filter.

Contributed by a visitor

I have two, I'm not sure of the size. I forgot. :p I have one for my community tank 170 L, filled with goldfish and a few others. As you know, goldfish are quite messy and have a high ammonia production. All my other fish are fine and doing very well. I can't believe how long my filter keeps my tank clean. I haven't cleaned it in 2 months. My other tank is my aggressive 280 L. It keeps the tank clean for at least a month. The food I feed them often dyes the water orange. :/ But I can say this filter is the best I've had in years.

Contributed by Kay N

I've had the Cascade 1000 for bout 4 months on my 280 L Oscar tank. Two Hang-On-Back filters are also working in the tank. The filter has worked well and no problems in my experience. Oscars are messy, and for 280 L my tank is a little-overstocked. I do regular changes and vacuuming, have accessed this filter a few times to check it out and clean gunk if any. I must say all has been well, I was a little suprised at some posts before, because I honestly thought it was rather quiet. I sit right next to it all the time. OK just my experience. I work at trying to keep a good tank, this filter hasn't hurt that at all so far.

Contributed by Jay K.

I own the 1000 and 1200 and absolutely love both of them. They are much better than any of the Fluval's or Eheims that I have had. Mine are so quiet that you have to touch them to make sure they are actually running. This filter is highly recommended.

Contributed by a visitor

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