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Cascade 300

Cascade 80 Power Filter
300 Liters per Hour (80 gph)

Cascade 100 Power Filter
380 Liters per Hour (100 gph)

Cascade 150 Power Filter
570 Liters per Hour (150 gph)

Cascade 200 Power Filter
700 Liters per Hour (185 gph)

Cascade 300 Power Filter
1140 Liters per Hour (300 gph)

Penn Plax - Cascade Power Filters


I bought one of these filters about three weeks ago and since then I've had an African Cichlid tank, my tank is still perfectly clean!

Contributed by Jonathan Macmillan

I don't like the Cascade. I had to change the filter every two weeks and it didn't work that well. I had a cascade 150 on my thirty gallon and it didn't work. So I bought an Emperor 280 and it cleaned the aquarium straight away.

Contributed by Richard Gould

I like the Cascade. I have two Cascade 150's, and they filter stuff out of the water very well, and have excellent chemical, biological, and mechanical filtration. Very easy to clean and they have plenty of power. As far as the noise level goes, you cannot even tell if they are on or off.

Contributed by Craig Hochstadt

I have a Cascade 300 running on a 200 L freshwater tank that has a very heavy bio-load. The Cascade has done an outstanding job. I am pleased to say the least!

Contributed by Charles B. Hough

I too am disappointed with the Cascade 200. The sponge filter won't stay in place and I can't find replacements for it.

Contributed by John Noris

I am not as happy with mine as I had hoped to be. I was lured in by the bio-filtration claims, but I think I would have been much better off overall with a Marineland. Besides, I too have had issues with the pet shops not staying as stocked on media as I would like.

Contributed by Andy Britt

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