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Tetra Blackwater Extract

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Tetra Blackwater Extract Tetra Blackwater Extract

Replicates blackwater conditions by creating clear,
"natural", Amazon-biotope conditions in the aquarium.

8.45 oz. (250 ml) treats up to 250 gallons (945 liters)

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Tetra - Blackwater Extract


We've been using this product for our rosy barb tank (which is an established and cycled planted tank) and for our gourami tank (which is a new, semi-planted tank). Initially it gives the water a slightly brown tinge, which can be slightly disconcerting. This soon dissipates. There are no obvious effects in the gourami tank as yet, but the rosy barb tank is super clean and the plants are thriving. There have been absolutely NO deaths or infections since the tanks inception 4 months ago - I'd say this is a pretty good product when used in conjunction with the normal water conditioner for new tanks and water changes.

Contributed by Justine Geffen

I used Tetra Blackwater in my community tank when I made a 30% water change, and inadvertently triggered my cory catfish to spawn. Now I have 10 juveniles scooting around the tank.

Contributed by Steven Jayet

I have used this product for about 1 year. I find it doesn't tint the water as much as the others. The price isn't bad, and my koi angels have spawned about 10 times since I started using it. Also, my rummy nose tetras have never shown better red. I recommend this product for Amazon type tanks.

Contributed by Peter

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