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Eugene Danner Aquamaster Power Filter

Aquamaster 100 Power Filter
380 Liters per Hour (100 gph)

Aquamaster 150 Power Filter
570 Liters per Hour (150 gph)

Aquamaster 250 Power Filter
950 Liters per Hour (250 gph)

Aquamaster 350 Power Filter
1300 Liters per Hour (350 gph)

Aquamaster 450 Power Filter
1700 Liters per Hour (450 gph)

Eugene Danner - Aquamaster Power Filters


Let me just tell you that I have a 450 liter goldfish tank with 4 Emperor 400's and a Penguin 350. When I bought this product from a major pet store, I saw it at a decent price. At first it worked perfectly, but then it started to make noise, really annoying noise. In fact, it was so noisy you could hear it from a 10 meter distance. The flow rates on the filter aren't certified accurate, so consider that a big flaw. It's basically an OK filter for the price you pay. If noise isn't a big thing then go ahead, buy it, but if it is a problem, stay away from this brand and get a Penguin filter from Marineland.

Contributed by Jon Fu

I own a Aquamaster 250 along with a few other filters, I've also owned several other different brand name filters in the past. I had this filter running alonge side an AquaClear 50 in a 20G tank. Both filters have about the same GPH, but what separates the two is the Aquamaster 250 also serves as an aerator, which eliminates the need for an air pump, a very convenient feature. The Aquamaster has a higher GPH compared to other filters in its direct competition. I found the Aquamaster 250 to be very quiet and efficient. I went several months without cleaning the filter, I only replaced the biomatrix cartridge. The cartridges are very efficient and durable compared to other bag type media used by Tetra, Top Fin and others. Although the AquaClear 50 can hold many different types of media such as sponges, carbon, ammonia remover bags, etc., the biomatrix cartridges in the Aquamaster 250 can be easily modified to attach other types of media, all it takes is creativity. All in all it's a good filter and I can't say anything negative about it.

Contributed by Carlos Diaz

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