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Aqua-Glo Fluorescent Aquarium Lamps

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Aqua~Glo Fluorescent Aquarium Lamps
Intensifies fish colors, promotes plant growth.

30 cm (12"); 8 W; 3000 hours
38 cm (15"); 14 W; 5000 hours
45 cm (18"); 15 W; 5000 hours
60 cm (24"); 20 W; 7500 hours
75 cm (30"); 25 W; 7500 hours
90 cm (36"); 30 W; 7500 hours
107 cm (42"); 36 W; 10000 hours
120 cm (48"); 40 W; 10000 hours

Hagen - Aqua-Glo Fluorescent Aquarium Lamps


These are okay for normal tanks - even heavily planted ones. Believe it or not, I have a single 45 cm tube lighting my 60 cm tank. Lots of plants, a CO2 reactor and lots of plant growth. I don't see oxygen bubbles forming on the leaves so I understand that the lightings not as high as it could be. Otherwise, I find these are perfectly fine for normal tanks.

Contributed by Craig

Aqua-glo bulbs are great. A bit pricey but they're worth it. They make the water look bright and enhance all the colours.

Contributed by (no name given)

I have a 24" Aqua-Glo tube in my 30" tank. I also have an 18" Sun-Glo tube in my Tropiquarium 55. I feel the Aqua-Glo is a feeble and dull tube compared with the Sun-Glo. The only reason I would recommend the Aqua-Glo tube is for an aquarium of extremely shy fish. It barely lights the aquarium.

Contributed by Barry Hudson

This is one of my favorite bulbs. It enhances the colors of the fish greatly, and is plenty bright in my opinion. I much prefer it to Sun-Glo which is too yellowish looking.

Contributed by L.J.A.

It is a bit like a plant growth bulb with high red and blue peaks, thus is sympathetic to some fish colours (reds and blues). However, the absence of strong yellow, orange or green peaks mean that it should be combined with a natural or sunlight bulb for best results. If you only want one bulb for both plant growth and multiple fish colours, I would choose another. Triton bulbs are still a good bet, despite being one of the first specialist bulbs years ago.

Contributed by Simon Cole

The spectra of the Aqua-glo and indeed Flora-glo tubes are supposed to be used in conjunction with the whiter spectrum bulbs like the Sun-glo or Life-glo tubes. I have a small heavily planted aquarium (140 L) with added CO2, with 1 Life-glo and 2 Aqua-glo tubes. The light colour is spectacular in this combo, giving wonderful emphasis to the fish, and providing the vegetation with a strong full spectrum of light. Doing your homework can save you a LOT of cash.

Contributed by Matt

I have used most of the Hagen bulbs in my aquarium over the past few years and the Aqua Glo is by far my favorite. It is not over powering like the Power Glo and Life Glo, that make your tank look bleached out, but it still illuminates to all corners of the tank very nicely. It has a much nicer light tone than the Sun Glo, making the fish and plant colors clean and vivid. (I do like the warm look of the Sun Glo, but it alters the true color of the fish and plants). It grows my plants as well as the Flora Glo, but does not produce as much algae. Unless you have very specific needs, it is the best light for the money.

Contributed by Rusty Wallace

I just replaced the standard fluorescent tube that came with my 75 L tank with an Aqua-Glo tube. I'm trying to grow plants (obviously low light) in my tank, so I figured that a gro-lux type wide spectrum bulb would probably be better in my tank. I was surprised at the difference it made in the appearance of my tank. I have cardinals, neons, clown loaches, and dwarf sunset platys, and all their colors look striking under the new light. My lava rock also looks much more impressive. It was like going from SD to HD. Anyway, I still have to see if it will stimulate plant growth in my tank, but I'm definitely happy with the way it accentuates the reds and blues of my fish and decorations.

Contributed by Rudy Calasin

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