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AquaClear 500

Model Number 100(20) 150(30) 200(50) 200(70) 500(110)
Flow Rate (L/H) 380 570 760 1140 1900
Aquarium Size (L) <75 <110 <180 <250 <400
Flow Rate (GPH) 100 150 200 300 500
Aquarium Size (G) <20 <30 <50 <70 <110

Hagen - AquaClear Power Filters


I recently started keeping cichlids (no secret that these are messy fish) and the AC 200 I have on this tank keeps the water crystal clear. With other filters I was constantly doing large water changes in my previous community tanks. There is no equal in my book for function and ease of use. Any filter that has the power to clean up after my seven gluttons has my vote.

Contributed by Jason

I found your web site by accident, and read up on the different types of filters. I had a Aqua Tech power flo filter in my 29 gallon tank, for two years, and had nothing but trouble with the water turning cloudy, green, and brown. After reading the comments of ratings of different filters, I chose to use the Aqua Clear investment I ever made. Very easy to set up, clean, and you can choose your own media. For the money, this filter does an excellent job. Water is crystal clear and stays that way.

Contributed by a visitor

I have five AC's: a Mini, a 150, two 300's and a 500. I have had the overflow problem a couple of times in my 150, but only because I got lazy and did not clean out the foam block. Just keep an eye on the media basket, if it starts to float it needs to be cleaned. The best filters I have owned.

Contributed by Jeremy Brotzman

I bought an Aquaclear 300 a few months ago, and it was my best investment in filtration EVER. When I realized what a bargain this was, I purchased another 300, both of which keep my 55 gallon community tank clean as can be. The priming issue is not a problem. If you have a tiny bit of patience, it is not a problem. As another comment said, about there being a bubble in the siphon tube, correct. I have found that when this bubble appears, adjust the flow to low, and then back on high, and you should be good to go. I definitely recommend this filter, if you want good, quality filtration with many ways of using it, for years to come!

Contributed by Justin Fraley

I have had an Aquaclear Power Filter on my 10 gallon tank for a year now. I have found that these filters have many pros and cons such as the following: They tend not to self prime in the event of a power loss. The motor can get overheated this way. The intake does not extend down low enough. Therefore, the bottom water of the tank does not get circulated. These filters can move large amounts of water and clean it fairly well. The filter inserts can be expensive, however. The plasic casing can crack easily, so handle them carefully. Overall, these filters are OK for the money you pay, but they do have their drawbacks. Bottom line: If you can afford it, get a better quality filter such as an Emperor or Penguin power filter. If you can't, get the Aqua Clear.

Contributed by Mathew Sunter

I use two of these filters (a 300 and a 500) in my 135 gal display, and for me they are the best choices around. Although they have a very high self-priming problem, the other power filters I´ve used didn´t do very well either. the advantage of this kind of filter is the big compartments, the gentle cascade they make and the fact that the impeller and the filter itself last much longer than other units. Just wonderful.

Contributed by Victor Terán

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