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Aquaball 2206 Internal Filter
380 Liters per Hour (100 gph)

Aquaball 2208 Internal Filter
480 Liters per Hour (130 gph)

Aquaball 2210 Internal Filter
550 Liters per Hour (145 gph)

Aquaball 2212 Internal Filter
650 Liters per Hour (170 gph)

Eheim - Aquaball Internal Filters


I bought an Eheim Aquaball 2206 for my first ever fish tank, 10 gallon Clearseal, several years ago. Since then it has worked fine, with no complaints. This basic tank contains the usual; coloured aquarium substrate, few ornaments and plastic plants. In it I've got 2 Fancy goldfish: 1 Chocolate fantail and 1 black moor. The filter works fine, very clear water with only a little fish waste, easily vacuumed. The filter pad can be re-used a few times, cleaning about once a week, however, if not cleaned performence is reduced significantly, both by the filter and air pump. Overall a good filter for a small starter tank, as it's simple to use very reliable.

Contributed by Chris H

I got the smallest one of these. Simply brilliant, virtually noiseless, around 20 Decibels, mixes the air with the water and well, fantastic design. One major problem: ridiculously small filter media compartment without the upgrade, it is literally the size of a hockey puck. I made a DIY one with some silicon sealant and a bottle of 7up.

Contributed by a visitor

I have the 2208. Has fine filter media and sponge. I really like the filter design. I have 2 turtles with it and the water is clean. I found that you can stuff poly-fluff instead of the sponge and even put carbon or ammo-chips in the cartridge. If you do add, then cut a piece of media bag or fine netting to ensure nothing clogs the impeller. I highly recommend this filter.

Contributed by Eric

I purchased the 2210 purely out of curiosity of its new and modern design. Overall though, I haven't been very impressed. I beleive it is underpowered when compared with some smaller cheaper brands and I think there are a few improvements that can be made with the canister, as when you remove it from the water no matter how carefully, it leaves a lot of debris behind. I had to replace the sponge media that it came with, with plain old filter wool to avoid this happening, as the finer media held the dirt better. I am impressed with the ball powerhead and like the way you are able to turn it on various angles to suit your tank setup. Although it does stick and requires 2 hands to do this, otherwise you just end up turning the whole unit in its cradle. I give it a 5 out of 10 - good power head design although slightly underpowered and the canister needs a rethink.

Contributed by Stan

I own a 60 L aquarium and I bought the Eheim Aquaball 2208. Though rated for a larger than 60 L tank, it cleans my tank really well. It is silent in operation and due to its compartment construction it is very expandable! Due to this model having 2 sponges, I can replace 1 sponge when it wears out without losing all the valuable bacteria. It comes with a 3 year guarantee, which can't be bad. It's really good! The 2206 model is really too small for any aquarium over 30 L without a expansion pack IMHO.

Contributed by Stuart Halliday

I purchased Aquaball 2210 for my 52 litre tank. It seems a bit over powered since the 2210 is specified for tanks of 60 litres and above, however I am pleased that the filter has worked well in keeping the tank clean. As commented by most users, the Aquaball is super quiet and the venturi air bubble function is amazing. But as commented by Stan, the filter does leave a lot of debris behind as it is removed from the water. To overcome or at least minimize this problem, I had to clean the filter media once a week. Overall 5/10 as cleaning efficiency is offset by the debris residue problem.

Contributed by YS Wah

I just bought the Eheim 2208 the other day for my 25 liter tank, because the OHF supplied with the tank is lousy and almost flooded my house during the night! The 2208 is really quiet in operation compared to my OHF and the water was crystal clear within 15 minutes after installation. I highly recommend this series of filter for those starting out, because you do not have to fear overflow or leaking problems as this filter is internal type.

Contributed by Christopher Ho

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