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Kordon AmQuel Plus Detoxifier

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Kordon AmQuel Plus Detoxifier Kordon AmQuel Plus Detoxifier
Removes nitrate, nitrite ammonia,
chlorine and chloramines from fresh or saltwater,
without interfering with the biological cycle.

8 oz. (250 ml) bottle.

16 oz. (500 ml) bottle.

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Kordon - AmQuel Plus Detoxifier


One of the newer products from Kordon, AmQuel+ seems to be a product that does what it advertises. Touted as an ammonia remover, the plus part is that it also claims to remove nitrite, nitrate, chlorine and chloramine. I began using this product when it first became available in the pet stores near me about 6 months ago. I believe it really doesn't remove said toxins, but renders them non-toxic to aquarium inhabitants. I mean, if it removes them, where do they go? The exception being chlorine which is a gas and is probably dissipated into the atmosphere. I use this product mainly as a de-chlorinator when making water changes, figuring that the other actions of the product would be of some benefit too. Dose for dose, it costs about the same as most other de-chlorinators out there. I usually try to avoid de-chlorinators that claim to provide a protective slime coat to fish because the way they all work is by irritating the fishes skin, causing the animal to excrete more of its own slime. I personally don't like that idea and AmQuel+ makes no such claim. I mostly use de-chlorinators that are just straight-up sodium thiosulfate. All in all, AmQuel+ is a good product. It's great to use in an emergency for an ammonia or nitrite spike in an aquarium with delicate species. One thing to note is that it gives off a rotten egg odor. But it's nothing to be alarmed about, because that means its working! Be careful using it in crowded tanks though, its action causes a drop in oxygen levels. Just make sure to have adequate aeration and everything should turn out all right. The best advise I can give on this product is to read the label carefully! Then decide if it's what you need. The bottom line is, it's a good product that does what it claims.

Contributed by Ed Komst

This is the best product to make tap water ready for fish. It needs to be used with the companion product (forgot name) to add fish slime friendly compounds to the new water. I also use Amquel in my drinking water to get rid of chlorine and it works better than everything up to a reverse osmosis system. Being poor and renting I can't put one in, so this REALLY helps when cooking or drinking straight from the tap. Bottom's up!

Contributed by Robert Van

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