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AquaClear Power Head 101

AquaClear Power Head 101
300 Liters per Hour (80 gph)

AquaClear Power Head 201
475 Liters per Hour (126 gph)

AquaClear Power Head 301
660 Liters per Hour (174 gph)

AquaClear Power Head 402
1020 Liters per Hour (250 gph)

AquaClear Power Head 802
1500 Liters per Hour (350 gph)

AquaClear Power Head 901
3400 Liters per Hour (900 gph)

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Hagen - AquaClear Power Heads


Excellent value for money, powerful and very reliable. Have been using two 802's in my 240x60x60 freshwater aquarium containing 28 rope fish. These powerheads provide strong water movement and are on a timer. I have positioned one upside down to create a counter current throughout the water column. Highly recommended.

Contributed by Dr. C. Nelson

I have a 201 power head and it is great, I run it 24/7 with the Aquaclear A-575 quick filter attachment, it filters and acts as a bio-filter while aerating my 100 liter tank. I don't need a noisy air pump! Absolutely one of my best equipment investments.

Contributed by Bill Linden

I've had an Aquaclear Powerhead 402 for five years and have no complaints when run as a regular undergravel powerhead. The reverse feature seems silly, the pump rate is significantly reduced and there is no prefilter attatchment, so it doesn't seem like a serious asset - this reverse pump feature. Also, I don't use the venturi feature. I did at the beginning, but this feature also is silly. Otherwise I highly recommend it.

Contributed by Yehoshua Cirt

Very fine, well made, reliable, quiet, economical. Venturi aerator works well in standard flow. Reverse flow valve cuts water flow by 55% and also stops aeration.

Contributed by Patrick Danahy

If you have an undergravel setup using a power head (versus an air pump) this is the way to go. They never seem to have problems and many of the models have an option where you can insert a piece of airline tubing and it will suck in air and fizz it out. If the powerhead ever stops working, just pull the thing apart, clean off the magnet and reassemble it. Don't run them dry because they go bad if they don't have water lubricating the magnet movement.

Contributed by Jenny Szilagyi

I have been using two AC 402 Powerheads for almost 13 years and they are still in operaton today. I do not believe they are as efficient as when first purchased, but they have definitely provided me many years of uninterrupted undergravel filtration. I have this in a 340 L tank on a hand made stand with a hand made hood (by me of course).

Contributed by Dwayne A. Selby

AquaClear powerheads are simply the best you can get, as far as I'm concerned. I have had them for several years, I have never had to order parts for any of them, never had one fail me yet. They have lots of power to get the job done.

Contributed by Chris

I have been using AquaClear Powerheads on my freshwater 95 and 110 liter tanks for years. As one who loves growing freshwater plants and guppies, they are great. No worries about sucking babies up to their doom as with outside filters. What I do is purchase both the AquaClear underwater attachment filter and a foam insert (available at most tropical fish stores) and I push the plastic inserts (that come with the Aquaclears) around it. This makes a great internal biological filter. I seal the glass canopy top along the edges with clear packing tape, thus sealing in the oxygen, CO2, etc., and my result is beautiful plant growth. About once a month I clean the foam insert (with aquarium water only!) and run an outside power filter with a carbon insert for a few hours. The AquaClears have adjustable flow, so you don't have to have a Niagra Falls flow rate unless you want it. Great products!

Contributed by Bill Niermann

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