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Marineland C-Series Multi-Stage Canister Filters

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Marineland C-Series Multi-Stage Canister Filters

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Model Number C-160 C-220 C-360
Flow Rate (L/H) 640 880 1440
Aquarium Size (L) <120 <200 <400
Flow Rate (GPH) 160 220 360
Aquarium Size (G) <30 <55 <100

Marineland - C-Series Multi-Stage Canister Filters


I was looking for a canister filter for my 100 L planted tank, and wanted to get an Eheim. The woman at the LFS I go to, who is very knowledgeable, said that the Marineland filters are newer technology for a cheaper price than Eheim. I decided to take a gamble and I'm very pleased. The filter media is interchangeable and there is ample bio-filtration, with both numerous bio-balls and open cell foam for harboring bacteria. The filter runs really quietly and has a higher turnover rate than comparative canister filter for the same size tank. The base model overturns 160 GPH and has two carbon packets, so that one saves as much bacteria as possible during cleaning. Overall I'm very pleased with my purchase. The only complaint I have is the price - from what I've seen they are more than Eheim, a tried and true brand. Give this one a try, and see what you think.

Contributed by Ian

I had my C220 up and running in about 25 minutes. This model has 4 large baskets for media stacking. Media comes with the unit, but I don't use carbon and don't like the plastic balls that comes with the unit. From the bottom up I used the 2 included sponges, then Eheim Mech, then Eheim Substrat, then more Substrat which is topped off by a little filter floss along with Marineland's polishing pad. Operation is completely silent and I can unhook the tubes in a matter of seconds. So far no leaks whatsoever. I'm very satisfied so far and I've ordered another C220 for my 25G high tank. The inital unit is on a 29G tank. I like these canisters so well I'm in the process of eliminating all my small tanks and going with larger tanks with canister filtration. I'm very satisfied with Marineland's C-Series canister filters and as stated above am going to order more when the time comes. Since I'm new to canisters but not to fishkeeping I really don't know how this canister can be upgraded. For the money this is an excellent product and the price was well under $100.

Contributed by Terry Hopkins

I've got a C360 on a 50G tank, in use for about 7 months. I love its quiet operation and performance. The only con was a leak that was hard to find after the second time cleaning it. First I thought it was the main O-ring seal between the power module and the tank, replaced O-ring with no help. It turned out to be the O-rings on the in/out hose connectors TO the power module. I will always keep a set of O-rings on hand now. I do plan on getting another C360 for my other 50G tank.

Contributed by Chris Brundege

I have just purchased this filter about 3 hours ago and my water is already crystal clear on my 200 L reef tank with over $1000 invested. I have friends with the same filter and some have had it for more then 15 years and never had to replace anything but the filter media. I bought this because this is what my LFS used in their 4000 L show tank, proof enough for me. This is a great filter at a low price!

Contributed by C10Reefs

I was very fortunate to have come across a Marineland C220 for sale via Craigslist. Now, I was a bit skeptical at first due to a prior experience with purchasing a RENA XP3 from a Craigslist seller, but I had to suck it up and try again and I'm sooo glad I did. $80 later, I had a gently used C220 with every single original part! I must say, even though I had the instructions, I didn't even need them. The setup was so easy and took not even 20 minutes. I love the media storage and sleek design of the filter overall as well. Everything went together as stated and priming was a sinch! I have a 150 L breeder (fresh) and this filter really got the party started! Despite all the negative reviews I've read about this pump being loud and leaky, I'm glad I gave it a shot, even if it is used. For anyone who still has concerns about the noise or leakage, here are some suggestions as they've worked out for me so far. (1) Ensure you tighten the hose nuts with an adjustable wrench, not by hand. (2) Use BIO-Chem stars instead of ceramic rings and the rattle is gone! (3) Be certain to lube all o-rings and make sure the valve block is free of any pressure or pull via the hoses. I stuck to these methods and the C220 is kicking! Can't even hear the thing running. Sorry for the novel, but this filter is the MAN and I wanted to share my experience. Two thumbs up Marineland!

Contributed by Kobie Johnson

My impeller quit working twice. First time, company sent a new impeller, but it took too weeks so I had to buy another filter to keep my tank clean and the fish alive. The second impeller quit working periodically, once during a vacation. I tossed the canister into the trash and bought a Penn Plax canister, which has worked flawlessly so far.

Contributed by Ken Koonce

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