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Jebo Odyssea/Lifetech/Newport Canister Filters

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Jebo Odyssea/Lifetech/Newport Canister Filters

Model Number 835 838 839
Flow Rate (L/H) 1000 1200 1500
Aquarium Size (L) <400 <600 <800
Flow Rate (GPH) 265 315 400
Aquarium Size (G) <100 <150 <200

Jebo - Odyssea/Lifetech/Newport Canister Filters


I have a Jebo Aquarium Fish Tank Bio-chemical Filter 838. I purchased it after reading about it and feeling it was a less pricey alternative to some other canisters out there. It does the job just fine for me, but I am not using it as a primary filter. I use it as a pump for my UV sterilizer, which it is great for. I would not want this filter to be my main canister filter. I am picky and this one is a bit tricky to clean, luckily I don't have to do that too often. The shut off valves seem like a great way to be able to easily take this filter apart to change media, but IT'S NOT! Just because the water has been shut off from syphoning out of the tank, the canister still needs to be placed into a large bucket or sturdy storage container before popping open the top. If you skip this step, you have water all over the floor. The filter is pretty much full to the tippy top leaving no room for error. There is also no easy way to disconnect the hoses that have the shutoff valves, like with a Fluval. So you still need to either take the filter to a bucket and hope your hoses are long enough, or take the whole setup out of the tank just to change out a polishing pad, purigen, filter floss, etc. It's a pain, but also a cheap alternative. Other than the cleaning troubles, I like this filter. It's reliable and very quiet. Mine has been running for about 5 months now, and still going strong, even with my messy loaches who kick sand up the intake tube all the time.

Contributed by Heather Rivera

I had one of their CFS4 filters when I re-entered the hobby. I had bought it with one of the Odyssea T5 light fixtures and a 170 liter tank and stand. The filter ran pretty good. Flow rate didn't seem like what was listed, but still good. The media trays were a little annoying because the top screen didn't want to seat right, and if it is off the filter starts to leak a little when running. There was plenty of room for media. The filter itself was a bit noisy, even with the stand close I could hear it rattle a little. The thing that I hated the most about these filters were the quick change valves. The valve that goes in would start to leak with use. I had to replace it twice in the two year span. Each set of valves were about $10 so it seemed kind of stupid after a while when the filter cost me about $50. The filter started leaking on me after two years and my confidence with it was shot, so I replaced it with an Eheim 2230, boy is it quiet compared to the Jebo. After I got the Eheim running I inspected the Jebo again and realized that the rubber gasket that seals the top portion of the filter to the bottom had just worn out and got compressed too much to form a good seal. I contacted Aquatraders and they said they don't sell the gasket by itself right now, only offer the whole motor assembly for $25. Didn't seem really worth it so out into the trash the old thing went.

Contributed by Edmond

As an owner of the Jebo 838 cannister, I can tell you there is no better filter that will perform as this cannister for the same cost. It has all the features of more expensive units such as Eheim Pro 2 and performs equally as well. Pushbutton primer, no bypass feature, 4 stage with media included.

Contributed by Brian

I've been using the Jebo canister filter 838 for about 4 months now and the main thing I can complain about is the noise. The thing rattles! Maybe I'm doing something wrong but I can't seem to be able to get it to quiet down. Otherwise it seems OK. Water flow is not what I would have preferred, but it's still not too bad. Cleaning it is somewhat of a pain, as it spills hugely when you open it.

Contributed by Loulou

I have heard all of the complaints that others have brought up and have to say, try contacting Jebo directly. If you read the instructions they tell you to first shut off the inflow, then the outflow. This relieves the water pressure so you don't have such a water problem. I have cleaned mine without spilling a drop. All in all I would have to agree with those who stand by Jebo and say that for the price it can't be beat.

Contributed by Leif Wagner-Johnson

I purchased the Odyssea CFS-4 canister filter for $55 from my LFS which happened to be a Midwest Odyssea distributor. They rate the pump at 317 GPH. They had it installed on 2 of their 125 gallon aquariums that were heavily stocked and they worked great! I had to buy one! I installed on my 55 gallon that originally had two 60 GPH power filters. Overnight my tank turned crystal clear! The pump provides around 300 GPH and mine is pretty silent. Compared to a simalar cheap canister (Magnum 350 $179) it is much better. It has 4 huge trays and comes with all of the media. Great bargain! One problem: no instructions. I had to download them, but everything was pretty self-explanatory. I have only been running it for about 3 weeks with no issues. Haven't had to clean it yet so we'll see, but it definitely beats my 2 power filters.

Contributed by Mattheuw

I am the owner of 2 Jebo 839 canister filters - one has been used constantly for almost 2 years the other for less than 6 months. They do a beautiful job, and yes, they do spew a bit of water when disconnecting the inlet and outlet hoses. Depending on the height of the tank, there will always be a bit of pressure remaining in the filter. I'm not sure how you can get around that issue. A handy towel wrapped around the hose makes the job easier. Absolutely no maintenance issues. Love the ability to customize the filter media as required and use cheaper bulk media rather than custom designed (and expensive) cartridges. Noise has never been an issue, they are not whisper quiet but certainly not obstrusive a few feet away, especially if stored within the aquarium stand.

Contributed by Garry

I have been running 2 Jebo 838 canister filters for some time and have devised a system of cleaning them without spilling water. Turn it off, turn off the hoses. Lift the outlet hose out of the water, then disconnect the inlet pipe and place in a bucket. Open both hoses, water will run into the bucket for a few minutes. When it stops close the hoses again, it is now safe to open the canister. To restart reassemble, prime and off you go.

Contributed by Julia Wilden

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