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Boyu Canister Filters

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Boyu Canister Filters
Model Number EF/U-10 EF/U-15 EF/U-20 EF/U-25 EF/U-35 EF/U-45
Flow Rate (L/H) 600 700 800 750 950 1100
Aquarium (L) <300 <350 <400 <450 <550 <650
Flow Rate (GPH) 160 185 210 200 250 290
Aquarium (G) <80 <90 <105 <120 <145 <170

Boyu Canister Filters


I have a Boyu EFU 45. It is large and heavy when full but has a very nice flowrate and does a good job filtering. The interior basket set up is similar to the Eheim filters. I found it easy to connect, set-up and prime. The built-in UV light is handy, but mine broke so now I need to find the parts. I would like to see more dealers stocking these filters.

Contributed by Lena Wagner

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