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pleco1.jpg (32kb)

My hardworking Spotted Hypostomus. (DEC 97) More Images

Name: Hypostomus punctatus
Size pHGHTemp
Origin: South and SE Brazil
30 cm 7.2 12 25oC

Ugly, boring, oversized fish. That was the impression I always had of plecos by looking at them in stores, until I finally bought one to clean up the algae in this tank. I was very wrong! As the picture demonstrates, my Spotted Hypostomus developed a really nice color pattern once he got comfortable. He's also quite active and a real hard worker: I rarely need to clean algae off of anything in this tank. As a reward I often give him algae tablets or a slice of squash, and he has learned to sit on my hand while he eats it. He's currently about 14 cm long, and his growth rate seems to have slowed down a lot after he reached about 12 cm. This is definitely not due to starvation, since he's well fed and looking quite fat nowadays. It seems that plecos just don't grow so much in aquariums as they do in the wild. To learn more about plecos and other catfishes, check out Planet Catfish. My baby was featured there as Catfish of the Month for July '98! :-)