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The exotic orange chromide. (APR 98) More Images

Name: Etroplus maculatus var.
Size pHGHTemp
Origin: India, Sri Lanka
10 cm 8.0 20 25oC

The Orange Chromide is an artificial improvement on the wild Etroplus maculatus from India, which is pale colored with black stripes and spots (the only known Asian Cichlid). It is originally a brackish water fish and will appreciate the addition of a little aquarium salt to the water.

My 4 Chromides were a wonderful addition to this tank. They're currently about 6 to 8 cm long. At night, when I turn off the room light and leave only the aquarium lights on, their neon orange figures look absolutely incredible against the green plants!

It's the first time I keep this species so I'm still learning their habits. A few things I can already say about their behavior in this tank: 1) They don't seem aggressive, although the larger one will chase the others sometimes, probably just to reassure dominance. 2) They're rather shy and skittish, but not to the point of hiding all the time and banging against the walls when startled. 3) Despite being brackish water fish, they're doing very well in this tank's water. 4) They're not fond of flakes, but readily accept freeze-dried and live foods. 5) They absolutely love to eat Vallisnerias!!! Hygrophilas, Cabombas, and other plants seem to be left alone though.

To read more about care and breeding of Orange Chromides, see this page.