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nugget1.jpg (37kb)

My Gold Nugget Pleco resting on driftwood. (JUL 98)

Name: Hypostomus sp.
Size pHGHTemp
Origin: Amazon
? cm ? ? ?oC

The Gold Nugget Pleco is one of those many wonderful "New Loricarids" that have appeared in the hobby in the past few years, many of which don't even have a scientific name yet. In fact, the common name "Gold Nugget" is probably being used for several similar species. Mine is still pretty small (~8 cm) and it's the first time I'm keeping one, so I really can't say much except that it's been really active and fun to watch in this tank. The larger Spotted Hypostomus was rather annoyed by his new tankmate for a while, but now they seem to have settled their territories. I've read that breeding this fish is extremely difficult, even for the most experienced catfish breeder.

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