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Zebrasoma flavescens
Yellow Tang, Yellow Sailfin Surgeonfish

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Photos & Comments

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Photo Credit: Jack

After introducing a majestic angel to my 200 L reef tank, my ordinarily peaceful yellow tang became very objectionable. Not sure if it was the color of the fish that mad him irate, but he stabbed the angel several times with his barbs. Prior to that I had him for 5 years. Great fish, very sturdy, resourceful eater. He is now a resident of the display tank at the local fish store.

Contributed by Ryan Rymer

I love my yellow tang. He is in a 340 liter aquarium with a variety of fish, including a maroon clown, hawkfish, percula clown, damsels, royal gramma and a rusty angel. He is one of my favorite fish. He's extremely sociable, has a great personality and recognizes me versus other family members. I strongly recommend them, it's a wonderful fish!

Contributed by Kristie

Many websites and people say that these fish are herbivorous, but they are as a matter of fact omnivores. Mine eats brown and green algae, not black hair though. He doesn't touch that. He eats fish flakes, spirulina and brine shrimp.

Contributed by fish man

Yellow tangs are pretty nice fish. Be sure to give this fish ample room however (i.e. 400+ L) or you will soon see this fish suffering from ich. And don't even think about freshwater dips - just a fast way to kill them in my opinion. After introducing new fish, if the tang becomes aggressive, try re-arranging the rockwork. This will then eradicate the territories and everybody SHOULD get on in harmony.

Contributed by Luke Whitaker

Terrific beginner fish. I have two yellow tangs in differnt tanks. They need ample room to swim and rockwork to hide. Mine have become very friendly and will even eat food from my fingers. Can be aggressive to new introduced fish. Will pick at algae on rock but not a great cleaner in comparison to a kole tang.

Contributed by Frank LaPoint

No matter what Tangs you have had in the past, there is something about the Yellow Tang that draws people to watch it slightly more. It demands attention with its bright colour and playful nature. My Tang 'Butters' is peaceful, friendly and is very happy alongside my juvenile Regal Tang.

Contributed by Tom McGee

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