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Zebrasoma flavescens
Yellow Tang, Yellow Sailfin Surgeonfish

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Photo Credit: Fabricio Justiniano

My tang has been with me since the beginning. Now, two years later, he swims gracefully about my 300 liter reef. We have made it more like home for him with 45 kg of live rock. This fish is excellent with inverts and the like. He is the sole occupant fish wise, and perfect in every way. He loves to chase the bubbles out of the power head and goes to bed everyday when the lights go out. I hand feed him romaine daily. What can I say, it's an awesome fish.

Contributed by Steve

My tang is sensitive to nitrates and pH's below 8.3. I add Stress Zyme weekly and I keep Caulerpa in my reef tank to keep my nitrates down. They will bring nitrates down substantially overnight. My yellow boy became pale yellow (almost white). He lost his tail and fins. I tried vitamins, algae and Melafix, no change. I used a salt with extra essential trace elements (Tropic Marine) and within 1 hour his color became brighter. I added trace elements, made by a German company (I believe the name is Wiegandt) and his color got brighter. He has grown his tail completely back and his fins are starting to grow. I had used Marine Success Trace by Red Sea and I did not get these results. I have a reef tank with community fish and he gets along with everyone.

Contributed by a visitor

My Yellow Tang picks on my Blue Regal Tang sometimes. I don't think I like that, especially when the Blue Tang does not prefer to fight back. However, the Yellow Tang is a beautiful fish and what I like best about her is that she swims everywhere she can. I think seaweed Nori is much better for the fish rather than romaine lettuce.

Contributed by Irene LinDilorinzo

My Yellow Tang is the most peaceful fish of all in my tank and also the most sociable. He never hides in the rocks unless the lights are off, he eats everything I give him (spirulina, brine shrimp, color bits and seaweed) and he especially loves getting cleaned by my 4 Green Chromis. Very peaceful fish, not territorial and will eat a wide variety of food.

Contributed by Mike

I'm a beginner and I have this fish in a 1000 liter. They like to fight with each other, but otherwise they are peaceful with my clown and blue tangs. They are said to be peaceful in groups of 5, but mine fought until two lost an eye. One per tank is probably a good idea. Otherwise, an extremely hardy algae eating fish.

Contributed by Barry Lee

Yellow tangs are definately cool, bright yellow fish. They're great if you want a deep bodied yellow fish to really stand out and get noticed. Be careful when buying them, because most shops sell juveniles and they can grow to be twice the size. They can also be very territorial and aggressive towards other tangs and their own species, so it's best to keep only one in a tank.

Contributed by Christian

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