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Zebrasoma flavescens
Yellow Tang, Yellow Sailfin Surgeonfish

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Zebrasoma_flavescens_5.jpg (25kb)
Photo Credit: Jack

Name: Zebrasoma flavescens
Size BehaviorReef
Origin: Indo-Pacific Oceans
20 cm Loner Low Risk


One of the favorites and more popular fish, the Yellow Tang is a very hardy fish that is not territorial except with any other Tang that is put in the tank. It will eat mostly all foods and algae. It is very active and less prone to disease than the other Tangs. If you have an agressive fish in your tank, you don't have to worry, because almost all Tangs (including this one) have very sharp white colored barbs around the tail area. Their barbs can inject poison. So you can put some moderately to slighty highly aggressive fish in the tank and have no worry. A great fish for the starting, or more experienced tank and hobbyist.

Contributed by Tom Oleary

Just to clarify the previously mentioned comment. Yellow tangs can not inject poison via the spines at the caudal peduncle.

Contributed by Lindsey Bryan

Our Yellow Tang is a great fish, very personable, but he has his problems too. He likes to hassle the other fish, especially any new ones. Whenever we add new ones we take him out for a couple of weeks, this seems to help. He loves Romaine & Spinach!

Contributed by Lary

My Yellow Tang is the "Queen of her Castle", little fear is shown by unwanted advances from our Over Friendly Lion Fish. She has developed a strange relationship with our Snowflake Eel. She will lay on her side and let the eel rub against her. Peaceful with the others...except the Niger Trigger!

Contributed by Jason Loid

A beautiful fish with an interesting personality. They do have a reputation for being susceptible to shock, and should be given a fair amount of room within which to swim. Some become quite bold if enough live rock is added to the tank. They also do not need to be fed as much as other fish because they will find a great deal of the food for their herbivorous diet in the form of controlling algal growth in the tank. They can become problematic with other similarly shaped tangs, such as the maroon tang. Lastly, they are reef safe around all my corals with the strange exception of my elegance corals, which he harrasses excessively.

Contributed by Cecilia Chen

Yellow Tangs are good indicator fish. By that I mean that if your nitrate levels are too high then the fish will stop eating. My Yellow Tang constantly picks on my Niger Trigger also.

Contributed by Glen Wright

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