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Turbo sp.
Turbo Snail

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These are great for the clean-up crew, but kept on getting eaten (among other things) by my emerald crabs. I took the crabs out to assure the safety of my turbo snails.

Contributed by a visitor

Great invert. I have 6 in a 450 L. Great on algae control, but beware, some may eat or destroy some species clusters of coraline algae (lost a couple of clusters and cought a snail in the act a week ago, but it will grow back) and I emphasize some types of coraline. I only have seen maroon types eaten. Other than that they do good for beginners and keep the tank nice and nasty algae free!

Contributed by Nathan Taylor

I have about 30 of these guys and they are great. They roam about the tank eating algae and keeping the glass clean. If you use aragonite or anything like gravel, watch out as they fall over while on the substrate and die slowly on their backs unless you help them up. Mine always avoid the gravel area after 3 of them died that way.

Contributed by Barry Lee

While setting up my reef tank I purchased a dozen turbos before an algae bloom occurred. They wander round cleaning the live rock of all detritus and algae as they go. If you purchase more than you think you will need, they will have to really search out food and keep the tank super clean.

Contributed by John Devine

Great little snails, we have approximately 30 in our 470 litre tank. We have a few red and blue legged hermit crabs walking round in their shells though, and they seem to stay on the glass more than on the rocks, but they are fast eaters!

Contributed by Ruth

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