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Turbo sp.
Turbo Snail

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Photo Credit: Slojmn

Name: Turbo sp.
Origin: ?

Size Behavior Reef
? cm Peaceful Safe


A good addition to the clean-up crew if algae is an issue (but can starve if algae is in short supply). Peaceful and reef-safe.

Contributed by Cecilia Chen

These guys are nice little algae eaters, but don't clean much up, they tend to hide in some overhang in the back and you don't notice them. But they do tend to keep the back of your glass clean.

Contributed by Mike Engelbrite

I was having a horrible time with algae until I purchased Carryon, my turbo snail. He's constantly on the move, continually cleaning my tank. My algae problems are a thing of the past. Thanks Carryon.

Contributed by a visitor

These inverts are great for an aquarium of any size. Because they are part of the "clean-up crew", they will go over every inch of your aquarium! While they are fun to watch, be sure to watch them closely. If they were to fall off the glass, rocks, or are bumped during cleaning and are found upside down, be sure to right them immediately. They cannot "right" themselves and they will die of a slow death - over a few hours.

Contributed by a visitor

I love these guys! I bought eight of them a year ago and still have seven of them. I can't tell you how the 8th one died, but I'll bet the blue hermit crab wearing his shell may have had somthing to do with it. These are really hardy. They've done great through a long move and help keep the glass and live rocks clean. I can't imagine why these would ever be harmful to anything.

Contributed by Dan Anderson

My dad bought 3 turbo snails about 3 months ago and we love having them. They keep the tank absolutely clear! Today we saw a small blob on the coral moving around. Upon closer inspection we knew it was definately a baby turbo snail. It's so young, it doesn't even have a shell yet. Now we just have to hope the hermit crab won't eat it. My dad says it probably won't. We'll just have to keep an eye out. I didn't even know that turbo snails mated. Well, I guess they have to reproduce somehow.

Contributed by Leah Howard

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