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Amphiprion frenatus
Tomato Clownfish, Red Clown Fish, Fire Anemonefish

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Photo Credit: SuperGook10

Name: Amphiprion frenatus
Origin: West Pacific Ocean

Size Behavior Reef
10 cm Loner Safe


One of the stouter and slightly more contentious of the clownfish. It's one of the boldest members of my tank and has learned to hand feed. They are known to be harder on anemones than other clowns, so match them only with caution.

Contributed by Cecilia Chen

I have a tomato clown. I keep my fish tank temperature at about 27C. I recommend keeping this fish in no less than in a 100 liter tank. These fish are territorial and can be aggressive. I have had my tomato for several months and I totally recommend them. This fish is a beginner fish. My tomato eats and eats and eats. If you do not spread the food around the other fish will not get anything. Also, you should have many caves and hiding places for other fish! I really like my tomato because he is very funny when it comes for food. He will jump for his food (about 1 cm), and will happily bite your finger or anything that looks edible.

Contributed by Andrew Brown

My tomato clown is now 18 years old. She has been through a lot, including several different tanks; some of which I didn't give as much care as needed. However, through all of this she has been a wonderful pet. She will attack my hand if I get to close to her cave. She has never had an anemone.

Contributed by Larry Price

I have had these fish for a long time. Very good beginner fish for the hobbyist new to saltwater aquariums and recommended to anyone.

Contributed by Justin Jones

I chose this type of clownfish, because I really LOVE clownfish, but to stay away from the conventional Perculas. It's so cute! It uses my bubble anemone as it's host, and if any other fish gets near it, it tries to chase them away. Definitely a good pet, although it eats quite a bit. :)

Contributed by Erica

I have a tomato clown, and I must say the he is the bee's knees in my family. I recommend it as a fish for the beginner that is fairly reef safe, and fun to watch, as they adopt caves/corners/powerheads as anemones. But, if you want something that's going to take to an anenome, I would go for some false perculas...haven't found one anemone thats good enough for him...

Contributed by Aaron S.

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