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Pseudocheilinus hexataenia
Sixline Wrasse, Six Line Wrasse, Sixstripe Wrasse

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Photo Credit: Valeen Gonzalez

I have a sixline wrasse in one of my reeftanks. The wrasse is quite active and eats like a pig! There aren't any other fish in the tank with it so I cannot comment on the aggressiveness it is famed for. It does get along well with the peppermint shrimp and hermit crabs though, and has not touched the 2 gonioporas, derasa clam or featherduster in its tank. I would recommend this fish for people who can keep it singly or in a tank with other fish who could defend themselves against it.

Contributed by Valeen Gonzalez

The Pyjama Wrasse is the perfect reef fish. He is hardy, colourful, active and full of character, swimming in and out of the rocks seemingly for fun. He also enjoys surfing the strong currents from powerheads. The only downside is that he must be the last fish to go in an aquarium, otherwise he makes the tank his territory and refuses to accept any newcomers. A delightful fish that will bring an element of fun to any aquarium.

Contributed by Sean Langton

This is a very aggressive fish in my tank. He was very docile, until I tried to put in a rainfords goby and a cleaner wrasse, and out of nowhere he became a killer. But otherwise great fish and very very hardy!

Contributed by Anthony Espinoza

I have a 6 Line Wrasse and he seems to hide a lot. I only see him every couple of days, but when he is out and about he is very lively. The first couple of times he hid out I assumed he was dead. I have gone at least a week in the past without even seeing him around. I have not seen him for about 5 days now and I am looking forward to seeing him out and about again so I know that he is still around. Damn thing always has me worried.

Contributed by Jerry Throckmorton

Great fish, extremely hardy, but attacks my royal gramma constantly. Now I hardly see the gramma, as the minute he comes out of the rocks the wrasse attacks him.

Contributed by Sarah Bolton

I had a six line wrasse for over 6 months and must say that it was a terrorist. I finally had to give it back to the store when I reallized that it was the reason for many deaths in my tank. Pretty fish but just a headache in my reef.

Contributed by Mirek G

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