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Nemateleotris decora
Purple FireFish, Purple Wormfish, Decorated Dartfish

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Nemateleotris_decora_2.jpg (21kb)
Photo Credit: John Susbilla

I have had a couple of these beautiful fish for 4 months, living together with a pair of yellow shrimp gobies, a pair of gobiosoma and an ecsenius bicolor. They are indeed very quiet fishes, but who perfectly know how to make themselves respected to a certain limit as when they lived for some time with small Pomacentrus similis fights were common. The latter are away now and they are more peaceful. These fish are very easy to feed, accepting from living to frozen food and flakes. I should say they are hardy and tolerant to water conditions. The one I presume is the male is a bit harsh to the less coloured one which spends its time in its cave and roaming behind the rocks. These beautiful fishes are not uncommon here in Europe and indead real beauties to keep.

Contributed by Philippe Sanguinede

I have a pair of beautiful purple firefish in one of my reef tanks. They are fairly social, much more so than any of the orange firefish I've had over the years. They interact peacefully with the pajama cardinal and scissortail dartfish in the tank. I have them eating mysis, cyclop-eeze, Formula 1 and tiny pellets by Spectrum. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants a peaceful beautiful fish in their aquarium.

Contributed by Valeen Gonzalez

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