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Acanthurus leucosternon
Powder Blue Tang, Powder Blue Surgeonfish

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Photo Credit: John Susbilla

Powder blue tangs are lovely fish. There should be enough algae growing within the tank for them to graze on. Mine eat frozen and occasionally live brine shrimp. Once your system is settled they are a great fish, however in an unsettled system they can be very 'skittish' and are often a good indicator that something is not correct within the system, in a fish only tank. They should have full bellies and good, strong colour. I think a UV sterilizer and regular small weekly water changes are essential to maintaining happy powder blue tangs. Even in good systems without regular water changes you can see parasite build up on tangs, as they are one of the first fish to turn on their side and flick off rocks to try to remove parasites. Always have a cleaner shrimp within the tank.

Contributed by Duncan Scott

I have had a Powder Blue Tang for over 2 years now. I also have two Blonde Naso tangs, a male and female, in the same 2 meter, 470 liter reef tank. When I introduced the last Blonde Naso tang 2 months ago, there was a little bit of tail waving from the Powder Blue, but it only lasted for a couple of days. I have a number of smaller gobies, a Potters Angel, and few other fish. The Powder blue gets irritated at my bicolored blenny and will chase it into a hole once in a while. Other than that there is little trouble. I run a deep sand bed, large sump with plenty of flow, and plenty of live rock. I have a UV sterilizer, but have never needed to use it. The Powder Blue eats about everything I put into the tank, mysis shrimp, Formula 1 and 2, frozen Angel formula, spirulina, and even diced haddock. They are all pigs and costantly beg to be fed.

Contributed by Harold

I have a powder blue tang in my 500 L tank. It is the biggest fish in my tank, but still tolerates my other 2 smaller yellow tangs. The one fish it seems to dislike is my copperbanded butterfly, but that is only when the butterfly gets too close to its favourite hideout spot. This fish has spectacular colours and is very lively. I would recommend it to anybody considering to get one.

Contributed by Jonathan Hart

I have a Powder Blue in my 500 L tank. He is housed with a blue hippo tang, a foxface, a cleaner wrasse, a yellow tang, an anthias, a basket starfish, and several over fish, corals, and invertebrates. Along with the UV sterilizer, I recommend keeping the gravity high (1.25-1.26). Also, I've found that regularly feeding the powder blue caulerpa and dried seaweed help keep him happy and healthy (Formula 2 is also one of his favorites). PBīs can be kept with fish like the blue hippo tang, just make sure to introduce the powder blue last, AND provide plenty of room in the tank. Mine are actually best friends!

Contributed by Sam

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