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Amphiprion percula
True Percula Clownfish, Percula Anemonefish

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Photo Credit: Keith & Lisa

I have one Perc Clown and he's the best. Easily the most entertaining fish in my tank. Not afraid of the bigger fish at all and takes food well. He is always outside of the rocks in the open and the first fish I see every morning. Great personalities and a great first fish for your tank. You will love this fish.

Contributed by Glen Meister

These are great little fish, I have one of them in a 190 liter. It is always in the front waiting to be fed and I have recently added a torch coral, hoping it will take it as its host. I would recommend this as a beginner fish, as it is a wonderful fish.

Contributed by Mike Engelbrite

I used to have a pair of Ocellaris clowns but traded them in for a pair of Amphiprion Percs because I like the thick black bars better. They're wonderful fish, with interesting personalities! So far mine have been completely unaggressive, but that may be because they don't have any other fish to compete with. They host my frogspawn coral during the day but sleep up at the top of the tank near the powerhead. I feed them a mixture of Cyclop-eeze, Formula 1 and mysis shrimp, which they love. I highly recommend them to those with excellent water quality.

Contributed by Valeen Gonzalez

My two clownfish (Amphiprion percula) are called Mr. and Mrs Brown. I've had them for about 4 months now and they are great! They always show themselves, so are always on display to friends and family. They are a great favorite of my friends 3 year old son, Harrison. Mine have no anenome yet, but have inhabited a leather coral. I am planning on getting them a beautiful Malu anemone when I upgrade my lighting. At night, and a lot of the time when the lights aren't on, my clowns tend to swim on their sides at the surface. I have no idea why, but they are very healthy, and I don't think it's anything to be worried about. They share their tank with a dwarf Striped Angel (Centropyge eibli) and soon will be accompanied by a Royal Gramma (Gramma loreto), as well as many other invertebrates.

Contributed by Hev Gardner

I love my little percula clown, it is very pretty. My fish breaths heavily but has lived for about 3 years and it is going on 4. I named it Nemo because I think Nemo was so cute in the movie. It lives in a 75 liter tank. The percula clowns are tough, cute and very happy little fish. Great for any saltwater tank. He survives on a diet of fish flakes. My fish is lonely so I am looking for another fish plus and anemone to put in.

Contributed by Jake E.

This is a great fish. Common to the myth, this fish doesn't need an anemone. Mine settle for a portly candycane. It eats like a pig. I try everything in my power to get food to the candy cane coral. They make nice centerpiece fish, because they are always out in the open. What I really like is that each fish is different. Ocellaris clowns all pretty much have the same pattern. Percula start out with an unique pattern, and they get a dark band that spreads over the fish with age. Overall, this fish is great if you want color and personality.

Contributed by Deon Doxie

I just bought 2 percula clowns with my girlfriend for our tank at my house. They seem to be very well natured fish. The larger is a little aggressive during feeding. We have them in a nano reef tank and are getting ready to move them to a larger one. They don't sleep much (LOL) just usually tread water at the top near the powerhead at night.

Contributed by Jason Curtis

These are one of the hardiest, most wonderful fish any hobbyist could want. Once I went on vacation for a week, thinking that the fish would be fine. When I got back, half the aquarium water had evaporated and the specific gravity was so high that it was unreadable. However, the little perculas were still doing okay. Another time, I had an outbreak of Ich in my tank. All the other fish died except for my 2 perculas and they are still thriving today! There is no better saltwater fish to own.

Contributed by a visitor

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