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Pomacanthus paru
French Angelfish

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Photo Credit: Fish Domain

Name: Pomacanthus paru
Size BehaviorReef
Origin: Atlantic Ocean
40 cm Loner As Young


This is a great fish. It is beautiful, hardy and relatively peaceful. It accepts most foods I feed it and gets along with the other fish in my tank.

Contributed by (no name given)

The paru really loves food! From dried algae to chopped clams. This is a BIG fish, so it needs a good sized tank. It will grow rather high, so don't make to narrow caves to swim and hide inside. It grows fast, so get a large tank right away, minimum 300 liters.

Contributed by Mats Jonsson

My Paru came to my aquarium over a year ago with 3 cm of size, and now it is 15 cm big and very beautiful. Unbelievably peaceful with other fishes much smaller, eats a lot and everything, likes fresh vegetables, recognizes me as the feeder. Never stops swimming and I have the impression that my aquarium of 200 litres is becoming small. I am surprised how easy it was to raise it. Inexpensive and ideal for beginners.

Contributed by Fred Antonio

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