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Amphiprion ocellaris
Ocellaris Clownfish, False Percula Anemonefish

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Photo Credit: Jack

January 1, 2002 I started a 270 liter. A friend showed up a few days later with a bag of 9 fish. Three were Ocellar Clowns. Two of them seemed to pair up immediately. After several bad mistakes and poor water quality, all but these 3 clowns had perished. Around month 4 the paired clowns started to harass the third so bad it would not come out from under the rocks until the light were off. I eventually brought it back to my LFS. I purchased a Sebae Anemone for them in hopes the Clowns would accept it. They paid no attention to it for almost 3 months. Then one morning I notice the larger Clown was laying inside the Anemone. The smaller clown was swimming around under the Anemone. Now it's their home. It is so fascinating to watch them interact with the Anemone. Also, the top half of the larger clown has changed color to a dark brown. The smaller clown has only slightly taken on a darker top half. I assume this is due to the interaction of the Anemone.

Contributed by Bill Devine

I have a pair, aquired as 3 cm juveniles, hosted by my saddle anemone. I have chosen this saddle anemone, as I unsuccesfully tried to grow carpet anemones on three separate occasions, and this was not a cheap operation! My carpet anemones lasted at longest 12 months, and this saddle anemone is still growing steadily after 14. All are housed in a 150 liter tank, pH 8.4, at 26C. I have 2 150 Watt light tubes to cater for the anemone, and the clownfish seem to accept this quite well, being on for 13 hours a day. The fish are quite peaceful, they're now both at around 8.5 cm and have successfully spawned 3 times in the last year. On each occasion the eggs hatched after 8-9 days, and the fry were left with the parents for 3 days before being moved to a 200 L breeding tank. The fry numbered 60 the first spawning, and around 300 the other spawnings. An easy marine fish to keep, and relatively easy to breed, although they are very susceptible to whitespot.

Contributed by Aaron

I think it's one of the best fish to start with. I feed him flakes and he's fine with that. I have had him now for 8 months and he is very peaceful and shy.

Contributed by Nick P.

I have a 180 L reef and these have been my first fish in it. I love these fish, not only because they have tons of personality, but because they have the best colour. I would really suggest these fish to everyone, and they are a great addition to every tank.

Contributed by Oliver

I have a pair of clowns, and three very large Anemeones. One is inhabited by a beautiful white porcelain crab, and the other two are close together and the pair of clowns maintain cover within their tentacles. Recently the larger fish ventures over to the porcelain crabs' Anemeone and steals bits of krill during feeding time, and leaves the crab with a brief slap in the face with its tail. It's quite funny.

Contributed by Brittany Sweeten

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