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Naso lituratus
Naso Tang, Naso Surgeonfish, Lipstick Unicornfish

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Photo Credit: Keith & Lisa

I have a blonde Naso who is one of my favorite, she actually plays with me (I call it a she only because I don't know the difference and I named her after my blonde wife Lori). I thought it was my imagination at first, she will come to the front of the tank (585 L) and will get our attention by swimming back and forth real fast, then when she has our attention she will raise and lower her yellow dorsal fin and move her mouth like she is trying to say something. Friends who have seen this thought I was nuts at first, but now come over just to play with her. It's pretty wierd, the intelligence of not only this fish but most of your larger marine fish. She was very peaceful till I put my Powder Blue in with her, they like to tail each other once in a while.

Contributed by Al Messina

I have a beautiful 10 cm Naso Tang and he loves to eat. I intentially purchased a larger one and called to insure that he was feeding. Now, I have had him for 2 months and he eats everything in sight. Housed with 1 large Saddleback clown, 2 Clarki Clowns, 2 False Percula Clowns, 2 Domino Damsels, 2 Yellow Damsels, 1 Bangaii Cardinal, 1 Kupang Damsel, 1 Chocolate chip Starfish and one Sand Sifting Starfish.

Contributed by Dave Schwartz

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