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Zanclus cornutus
Moorish Idol

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I've had a moorish Idol for about 3 months now. It's doing very well. In fact, as unbelievable as it may seem, the moorish idol picks on my california ray! It eats everything in sight. Keep Moorish Idols, just be careful who their tankmates are.

Contributed by Rochelle

I got my first Idol a few weeks ago. It came all the way from NY. Iím in South America: Lima, Peru. I was a little worried at first, since itís a long trip and I heard that Idols are very delicate. It took me almost a day and half to get him to eat. I was worried since this type of fish are very thin they canít keep a large supply of food in them. Due to their very active character they use a lot of energy, so they need to be eating all the time. I tell ya, as long as the inner walls of the stomach donít stick together you have a chance. My Idol eats about anything I toss in the tank. The Idols tank mates are not an easy crowd either. I have a Picasso trigger, a niger trigger, and a long nose butterfly. It is very important in my case when I add a new fish to get the triggers out of the tank into a temporary one, so the new fish has some time to adapt. I feed the Idol shrimp, trout, and nori. I guess I got lucky. I think itís very important to pick the ones that have been in captivity for a month or so.

Contributed by Gonzalo Elguera

I bought my idol about six months ago, after everybody told me that they are impossible to keep. My idol is an absolute PIG. He eats everything that he can find. Feeding time he puts my emperor in his place! These fish are very active and needs plenty food to keep them nice and fat (3 good meals a day and lots of greens). Most of the idols for sale are missing their string on top, but it does grow back, even the bony part, so don't worry about that. Just take one that eats and has nice colours. I love mine to bits! They are great fun to watch!

Contributed by Adriaan de Beer

I never wanted to keep Moorish Idols, since they were always difficult to feed and very expensive in India. So I settled for a few Banner Fish, until one day I came across one which was feeding. I couldn't stop myself and I bought it. Since my marine tank was kind of overstocked I decided to take it to my parents' place which is about 116 Km away. That was a a few days it perished. From then on I took up the challenge, I ordered for a pair and took them back to my parents' place. After a little research on the net, I did feed them while on transit. They're living there for over 2 years now. They are the most beautiful things in there. Nothing compares to their beauty.

Contributed by Monodip Roy Burman

Some people replace the moorish idol with the banner fish, because they look rather similar and are more easy to take care of!

Contributed by Steven Alo

I have kept my Moorish Idol for a year and a half. Until one day he just stopped eating. I think it had a lot to do with me leaving for two days. His eating habbit stopped that quick. He ate everything though. I might get another. A beautiful fish they are.

Contributed by Fernando Talamantes

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