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Gramma loreto
Royal Gramma

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Photo Credit: Stephen Lynch-Maass

What a tremendously fabulous fish for the home aquarium! Marvelously decorated with brilliant magentas, yellows, and blues, in a almost 'planned' color scheme. This fish tends to be shy, but makes many exceptional appearances so that viewers can always have a drool in fascination. A must for the aquarist who is up for feeding carnivores.

Contributed by Stephen Lynch-Maass

These fish are pretty easy to keep. This was my first fish ever. Mine took food easily and only swam around his cave, never left it unless he was scaring off my clownfish. These guys can be a bit territorial but that's really it, they are great little fish.

Contributed by Mike

Great fish. I have a pair. They get along well with other fish. If you see 2 Gramma's together in the store and they're not fighting, buy them. If kept in pairs they can spawn, I had 3 nests already.

Contributed by a visitor

Very pretty fish and adds great color to the tank. Beware with more agressive fish. I had already removed my Sergeant Major and 4 stripe damsels to another tank as they are very agressive, but left my yellow tails because they are supposedly more docile. Introduced the Gramma several days later. The yellow tails quickly removed the Gramma's fins as fast as they could catch him. I dismantled the tank (you try catching damsels with all that live rock) and removed the yellow tails too. The Gramma is recovering, showing that it is pretty hardy, and is starting to venture out and lose his shyness.

Contributed by James Shewmake

I suspect this fish may have a tendency to jump out of the tank. I woke up one morning to find mine dead on the floor around the tank. Then again, it may be due to individual character.

Contributed by Colin Wong

Very beautiful fish to have in a fish-only or reef aquarium. Will readily accept most types of food (staple flakes, brine shrimp, blood worms). Provide plenty of hiding space (mine likes to hide in small holes in the live rock). Ensure that tank mates are all peaceful community fish (more aggressive fish will intimidate the Royal Gramma and not allow it to feed).

Contributed by Darryl

I have had my Royal Gramma for 2 years, and have always thought her to be a joy, until today! I just bought a Pseudochromis (baby), and a Bicolor Blenny and she is chasing them both all over my tank. I have a 200 liter reef, with plenty of live rock, and she acts like she owns the whole show. There is not one hole that she does not think is hers! I am amazed at her bullying, everything that I have ever read has led to the contrary.

Contributed by Shari

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