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Gramma loreto
Royal Gramma, Fairy Basslet

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Photo Credit: John Susbilla

Name: Gramma loreto
Size BehaviorReef
Origin: Western Atlantic
13 cm Loner Safe


I have kept these fish on and off for over 10 years. My current gramma has been in a 340 liter reef for 6 months. A great fish, somewhat shy, but given his tankmates (juvenile emperor angel, large copperband butterfly, large purple tang, goofy medium blue tang, pair of maroon clowns, pigmy angel, longnose hawk, bi-color blenny and yellow coris) I would be too. He is almost always out and visible, but always close to the 60 kg of live rock that he can bolt back inside if spooked. This fish will never bother any coral or inverts, ever, so it is a great fish for that type of setup. Word to the wise, do NOT keep this fish with any other pseudocromid, dottyback or basslet. They will be harrassed. I have tried to keep bi-color and magenta pseudos, black-cap basslets and frimani and all bullied the royal gramma and had to be removed to other tanks. I have tried everything, from moving rocks to having the gramma in the tank for weeks earlier than the others, but the gramma always gets beat up. Other than that, everything else will just ignore him, and he will do just fine. Will eat anything you toss in the tank as well.

Contributed by David

A very nice addition to a reef tank. The Royal Gramma provides good color and, although rumored to be pretty shy, it spends a great deal of time in the middle of the water column swimming above the reef. Although it initially appears aggressive with its 'open mouth' posturing, this is merely a harmless attempt at intimidation. They are usually available for a fair price and seem to eat almost any food introduced to the aquarium.

Contributed by Jay Peterson

I would highly recommend the Royal for either a Reef or fish on setup. Provide plenty of hiding places and only keep one. Very easy to feed and a delight to watch. Always the first in the chow line, no fish is more beautifully colored.

Contributed by Gary

What a great fish for reef or fish only tanks! Once acclimatized to their new surroundings, I have had only great experiences with them - proving to be neither shy or aggressive. They seem to develop 'personalities', dare I say similar to Astronotus ocellatus (the freshwater Oscar). Some posturing has occured with more timid species, and rarely extends beyond that. With their great color and activity levels, I include them in any tank population whenever possible.

Contributed by Dave Whitaker

Great little fish. He has built several nests. If a snail gets too close he will knock it away from his nests.

Contributed by Karen

Our royal is a joy. She interacts with the clownfish and darts in and out of the niches in the live rock. I have found it to be not only docile, but not shy of any fish in the tank. A must for any aquarium.

Contributed by a visitor

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