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Pterapogon kauderni
Bangaii Cardinalfish, Banggai Cardinal Fish, Kaudern's Cardinalfish

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Photo Credit: Marcos Avila

Name: Pterapogon kauderni
Size BehaviorReef
Origin: Banggai (Indo-Pacific)
10 cm Peaceful Safe


These fish are best kept single or in a pair. If more then a pair are placed in your aquarium, they will pair up and usually kill the oddballs. I have had these fish for over a year and they have successfully bred 6 times. They will eat any food offered, but really relish a variety of frozen foods. They love to be seen and are a great addition to any reef tank.

Contributed by M. Paggeot

I have a single cardinal and he seems very peaceful, doesn't bother any tank mates at all. They only seem to eat meaty foods, no flake or pellet. Mine eats brine, clam, and shrimp. Also, during the day he sits in the front corner and doesn't do too much, just swims around a little bit. When the lights go off for the night he is all over the tank, seems like it's more of a night hunter. Swims nonstop, eating out of the water column and off of the rock grabbing pods. When the cleaner shrimp hatch their eggs this guy goes into a feeding frenzy.

Contributed by Karla Steves

I have three of these Bangaii Cardinals. They are very peaceful toward all the fish in my tank and with each other. They are slow moving and just ignore every other fish and each other. I have never seen them eat! Not even once! But I figure they must eat because I've had them a couple of years now and they look healthy.

Contributed by Mike

I have just bought 3 of these great fish. They are very peaceful and have not shown any aggression to any other fish. I bought 2 big ones and 1 small one and I think the two bigger ones have become a mated pair and have shown aggression towards the smaller one. He only comes out at night, but the other two are always out. Whenever I feed them they are always the first ones to get to the food. I would suggest that you only keep 2 in a tank if it's small, but if you plan to put a lot in a big tank I think that they would all be fine.

Contributed by Cole McCune

I have two cardinals in my 280 L. They seem to get along well. The two of them are very different. One likes to swim around both during the day and at night, while the other hides during the day and swims with the other one at night. Whenever I feed them, the one that's out in the open goes nuts over the food, but the other one for some reason doesn't go after the food. The two of them seemed to have developed a good relationship with my two ocellaris clowns and my sailfin tang. The five of them swim together at night. I recently added algae to my tank. The both of them seem to love to be in the algae. They just stay and hide in the branches.

Contributed by Mike

I have three Bangaii Cardinals which I added 10 days ago to my reef. The first week they stayed in a group and showed no signs of conflict among each other. I think this is because they were in a new environment and felt safe by staying together. But when they became familiar with the tank and the rest of the environment the one started chasing the other one when he came close. Now I have one pair and one outcast waiting to be killed. Have to catch him out and move him to some other tank. The pair stay together and the outcast at the other end of the tank. But as soon as he comes close, he is chased away and bitten. They are very peaceful with the lonely pajama cardinal.

Contributed by Stefan Dorfling

I recently added one of these amazing fish to my FOWLR aquarium, in it are 1 ocellaris clown, 1 six line wrasse, 1 bicolor blenny, and 1 pajama (or also known as spotted) cardinalfish. I was really worried when adding him as I was worried he and the other cardinal would fight, but I had (and have) yet to meet anyone that has done so, so I thought I would try and these two are getting along great with each other so far. Great fish that I would suggest for any peaceful aquarium!

Contributed by Houston

I have 1 bangaii cardinal in my 470 L tank. It is slightly active at night, but mostly during the day. Over the past four months, it has taken a real liking to the dry flake food I feed to the three damsels and other fish in the tank. It is eagerly waiting for food whenever I approach the tank. I have slowly moved away from purely live food for the cardinal as its diet has slowly broadened. Other than its almost frantic excitement and pursuit when the flake food is dropped in, my cardinal is a quiet, peaceful member of the tank.

Contributed by Joseph Lea

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