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Paracanthurus hepatus
Pacific Blue Tang, Regal Surgeonfish

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Photo Credit: Leandro Neme

Name: Paracanthurus hepatus
Size BehaviorReef
Origin: Indo-Pacific Oceans
20 cm Peaceful Low Risk


The Blue Tang would have to be one of my favourite tangs. It has a very peaceful disposition, but it is best not to put it together with tangs of the same shape as they do not get on well together. One problem I have encountered from having Blue Tangs is that they are susceptible to white spot, so make sure they have good water quality and are not stressed by other fish. Other than that, they make a beautiful addition to any marine aquarium.

Contributed by Melinda Wojko

I have 4 of them in my 550 L tank, along with 1 queen angelfish and some shrimps and they are the BLUEST fish on earth. They are semi-schooling and good for beginners. Cool fish...

Contributed by Robert

I would agree, the blue tang is very susceptible to ich or "white-spot". Otherwise, they are a very docile fish.

Contributed by Darrin Fischer

I adore my regal tang. He's a hoot. Does get ich when he's stressed (usually when mom rearranges corals etc), but our cleaner shrimp are always on call and it's never there long. I have noticed since moving to a bigger aquarium (680 L) that he's become extremely playful. His favorite thing is to pick up empty turbo snail shells, zoom around the tank real fast, drop it and retrieve it...often before it hits the sand. No problems at feeding time either. He's a real pig. Loves it all, specially the nori on the algae clip. 18 cm fat fish.

Contributed by Lynn P.

As with some other tangs, it's almost necessary to use a UV-filter to get rid of parasites and other micro-organisms to have healthy blue tangs.

Contributed by Mats Jonsson

I have a pair of regal tangs, they would have to be my favourites in my 680 litre tank. I also have a shoal of them in a seperate display tank, along with a queen angelfish and some cleaner shrimp. When they are shoaling together I find them most stunning. The ones in the reef tank are extremely energetic and when feeding time comes they will zip around the tank extremely quickly, frightening the rest of the other fish. Of all the fish I have kept for the past 10 years I have found the blue tangs to be the best buy yet.

Contributed by Jon Priestley

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