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Nemateleotris magnifica
Orange Firefish, Fire Wormfish, Fire Goby, Magnificent Dartfish

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Photo Credit: Valeen Gonzalez

A while ago I bought another reef tank and put an orange Firefish in it. At first it burrowed under the live rock and stayed there. But slowly it started coming out more and more. Now it's out all the time crusing for food unless there's sudden movement outside of the tank. Then it darts into its little burrow under the rock. I would recommend this fish to any saltwater hobbyist with tanks containing unaggressive fish. It's very hardy and beautiful and readily accepts the mysis, Cyclop-eeze F1 that I feed it and my LPS corals.

Contributed by Valeen Gonzalez

I've had mine for the past three months and he is one of my favourites. I was debating between his and his relative, the Purple Firefish, but chose the Orange Firefish because the Purple was a bit beat up, he was missing a bit of his tail and also the Orange's dorsal fin was really what attracted me. I've read that these guys sort of flick these fins to try to attract other Firefish. Mine has been doing this but since I have no other Firefish, he obviously isn't having much luck. His colors and lack of aggression (except towards conspecifics) makes them great reef inhabitants. They don't bother coral, invertebrates or other fish. These guys are very shy and slow swimmers. Mine just hangs around his cave and stays at the bottom of the tank. He is easily freightened. He eats everything I give him (spirulina formula, formula one, brine shrimp, and colour bits). Overall, great reef fish, accepts most food, and interesting to watch.

Contributed by Mike

Hardy is not the word for this fish it could live in a sewer! Recently my water went real bad over one week end (I still don't know why it crashed) so I suddenly lost a lot of fish and when I checked the water it would seem everything should have died, but he was still happy! Him and the domino damsel and a bicolour blenny.

Contributed by lance

I just added few days ago mine to the tank. It is a beautiful fish, but surely very shy. I have 7 other mates in a fish only 200 L tank and they are mostly easy going fish, although they chased him once in a while mostly because he never makes a stand. He spends most of the time hiding, and at feeding time I have to be creative for him to grab something, as the other fish will easily send him for cover even if they are not bullying him. Today I found the tail is showing some shredding, but since he eats and once in a while shows up I assume will heal with time as he gets used to other mates. The fish enjoys brine shrimp the most.

Contributed by Jose Garcia

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