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Gobiosoma evelynae
Golden Neon Goby

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evelynae1.jpg (19kb)
Photo Credit: Leandro Neme

Name: Gobiosoma evelynae
Size BehaviorReef
Origin: Western Atlantic
5 cm Peaceful Safe


It's a good fish, resistant and peaceful with other species. With the same species may fight. It's reef safe. Very strong and peaceful and they can clean the other fishes removing the parasites.

Contributed by Carlos

This Goby is a very peaceful and beautiful fish. It does well with it's tankmates, coral and invertebrates. However, be cautious with this fish. Because of it's small size, as peaceful as it is with tankmates, it might get eaten. I bought one a while ago and probably a week later my royal gramma decided to eat him. It is a great fish, just be careful with it's tankmates.

Contributed by Mike

This is a nice little fish that cleans parasites off of fish. Kept with the blue neon goby, these fish can make a very colourful "cleaning station". I have 3 golden neon gobies with 4 blue neon gobies and all of my fish, even my zebra moray eel and my banded bamboo shark, come for a cleaning. Excellent fish, great for beginners and reef aquariums.

Contributed by Ryan Doolittle

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