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Pomacanthus imperator
Emperor Angelfish

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Pomacanthus_imperator_3.jpg (20kb)
Photo Credit: Stavros Macropoulos

The imperator needs clean water. They're susceptible to velvet, but are easily treated if they are in good condition. Don't put fishmates that have the same colors in with your emperor, he will hunt them around.

Contributed by Mats Jonsson

This is one of the most stunning fish I have ever seen. I do not recommend them for a tank anything under 550 litres. They can be very agressive and are quite hard to keep. Never think about hand feeding them because they have sharp teeth and will make you bleed.

Contributed by Marlon

The emperor is very agressive, and smart as well. We were upset when we found out that we could not buy another angel for the same tank. It grows from a juvenille to an adult slowly, but with a great change.

Contributed by Jacinta Lum

I've got a 20 cm emperor and he truly is a beautiful fish. I've got him in with a juvenile koran angel, which seem to get on well at the moment, but time will tell! Also I've got a 20 cm yellow belly hippo tang which I bought at the same time as the emperor and they get on really well together. I've got all my fish in a 700 litre tank with a 160 litre sump and about 130 kg of live rock and they all seem to be loving it.

Contributed by Adi

I'm a huge fan of P. imperator. I have a 13 cm juvenile that is just starting to change. I've had him (it's a him!) for 8 months now. He is very 'chatty' to the other residents. Especially my pair of fire clowns. I completely agree with the comments about intelligence. I feed them around the same time each day, and he definitely knows when that time is getting near! The other bigger fish in my aquarium are a yellow tang, and a double-saddled butterfly. It seems to have an affection towards the yellow tang. They follow each other around, and share the same hide away. P. imperator is an absolutely stunning fish that I would recommend to anyone with the space!

Contributed by Simon Godby

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