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Lysmata debelius
Fire (Blood) Shrimp

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The most beautiful shrimp available here, and most expensive. In the tank with small fish it walks openly where it wants, with fish of comparable or bigger size - mostly hides in caves, but comes out to accept food personally. I have a problem, though. Despite being described as reef safe, my blood shrimp likes to use a hanging down Chili coral as a ladder or rope for swinging, which immediately shrinks after his sharp legs touch.

Contributed by a visitor

I recently added one of these shrimp to my 245 liter aquarium. It is a beautiful shrimp, it hides most of the time on a piece of live rock. It loves to eat and at feeding time will rush out and eat everything it can get a grasp on. But be careful, I recently noticed that my two scarlet skunk cleaner shrimp magically disappeared.

Contributed by Vaughn Smith

I bought one of these for my 3g Pico. He is the only resident in my aquarium besides some small bumble bee snails. I have read the other comments about fire shrimp but, they couldn't be any different from my little guy. He has alot of caves, but he calls the tallest open peak in the aquarium home. He is more active at night, but will readly jump onto my hand if given a chance. He is not shy at all and fairly active.

Contributed by Cierra

I have had a pair of fire shrimp for about 2 years now and just this morning I discovered about a dozen or more baby shrimp, less than 2 mm, swimming beneath a cloud of mushrooms located in a corner of my 400 L tank. I have no idea when they hatched or how many have been eaten by my tangs and other tank mates. This is all new to me and I am hoping these babies reach maturity soon. I have no idea how long it takes for them to become adults, I hope that they will thrive.

Contributed by Mario Gonzalez

I've read several forums about the fire shrimp cleaning habits. I own a 150 liter reef tank and within a week formed a bond with my knight goby - another topic with much dispute about its ability to withstand fresh or saltwater, I should mention that I started my tank out as brackish and gradually added more salt. Anyways, they're together all the time. Even opens his mouth for a dental cleaning. Also seems interested in cleaning the other fish (pajama cardinals, yellow tail damsel). Just wanted to share my own experience with my tank because I've learned so much and appreciate all the advise I've received.

Contributed by Leonard Owen

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