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Lysmata debelius
Fire (Blood) Shrimp

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debelius1.jpg (16kb)
Photo Credit: Cecilia Chen

Name: Lysmata debelius
Origin: ?

Size Behavior Reef
5 cm Peaceful Safe


One of the most beautiful of the reef-safe shrimp, although unfortunately it is usually reclusive. It prefers to be given hiding places in the form of caves and very holey live rock, and will establish a territory in a low-lit area. Like the skunk cleaner shrimp, it has some cleaning capabilities, though its instincts are not as strong. It usually prefers to scavenge and can be a greedy eater that will come up to your hand to pick up bits of food such as frozen shrimp. As with all shrimp, they do molt regularly, so don't let this alarm you, and are very sensitive to copper treatments.

Contributed by Cecilia Chen

Fire shrimp are great! I've had mine for 2 years and they are doing great. They like to hide, but will come out during feeding time. They will eat everything. I have noticed since they have gotten older that they turn darker in color. One I have is almost maroon with bright white spots. Be careful before buying, make sure everything is good in your tank as they are quite expensive, $25-$50.

Contributed by Greg Horn

Be careful with this one. As they get larger, they *may* eat some other tank inhabitants. I have lost 3 scarlet (skunk) cleaner shrimp and a neon goby to this guy. Surprisingly, he has never bothered my peppermint shrimp, who is a lot smaller. Maybe because they have similar coloration? All this aside, this really is a gorgeous shrimp to have in the aquarium.

Contributed by Dino Staparounas

I brought home my fire shrimp and a transparent peppermint shrimp (he's clear, like a glass cat) at the same time. My fire shrimp simply isn't the swimmer that the glass shrimp is. The fire shrimp leaps and lunges and can swim to the surface of the water, but he has to work harder to do it and doesn't stay but for a few seconds. Anytime the glass shrimp gets near the fire shrimp and the fire shrimp lunges, the glass shrimp swims topside and stays there for several minutes. Also the tiny black hermit crabs have holes that they like to kip in that are well within range of the fire shrimp's territory. He will tense and flare and start his aggression displays, but still he lets them crawl right past to their bunks. He seems to have the dexterity to flip the crabs when they crouch, but he doesn't. Maybe it's just a matter of time? On va voir.

Contributed by A. Gray

This is a beautiful shrimp. It's not as active as my cleaner shrimp, but it's nice to look at. It mainly hangs upside down on its favorite piece of live rock waiting for some mysis to float by. If you're looking for a more active shrimp get a cleaner, but if you want a really beautiful specimen, I definitely recommend the Fire Shrimp.

Contributed by Valeen Gonzalez

Our fire shrimp absolutely goes wild over our regal tang. The tang won't allow the other cleaner shrimp anywhere near him, but he snuggles up to the fire shrimp and rolls over on his side when the fire shrimp jumps onto him. The shrimp seems uninterested in the other fish, but hops up and down with excitement whenever we add food. Our tank is 680 liters and we've just had it going for a couple of months.

Contributed by Susan Mcdonald

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